How to Make a Stunning Travel Brochure?

Blog How to Make a Stunning Travel Brochure?
16th September, 2021

This article will teach you to make a great travel brochure to have your readers eager for more. Today the fashion of travel brochures went through a digital direction too. The final product could be printed or shared on the net. Travel brochures are a valuable asset to diversify your travel content.

Research Other Professional Travel Brochures

It is critical to understand what the best travel brochures look like. You have to analyze the features making the material stand out. That will show you the tendencies people appreciate. But do not lose sight of the process! The material could be enticing, but it will indeed lack something.

How to Differentiate Yourself from the Competition?

After conducting competitors' research, analyze how you can shine from the crowded competition.

  • If you believe that you can produce a better design, go for it.
  • If you think that your destination has more significant benefits, emphasize it.
  • If you realize that the promotional copy lacks personal touch, include it.
  • If you have better pricing, outline it.

Design Stunning Travel Brochures with Your Branding

Brand identity is a unique flavor worth a thousand words. So it would be best if you tried to make a mark on the travel brochure by integrating your identity.

Choose Perceptible Fonts

There are various fonts across the net, but you should choose them wisely. Aligning fonts with brand personality is the key. So take a close look, hang around, and spend some time on research.

Pick Attractive Photos

Set the quality standards of the photos. High-quality images set the moment to story-tell and position a brand. Blend sleek writing and aesthetic. That's your goal while trying to build a brochure that shines from the competition. If the photos are poor, readers will consider that the destination is not solid enough.

Integrate Color Scheme with Concept of Destination

As a  study says, 60‐90% of a product evaluation derives from colors alone. People make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with either people or products. About 62‐90 percent of the impression refers to colors alone. So, colors can contribute to influencing moods and feelings.

How to Write Awesome Promotional Copy?

Words have a magic power to carry readers into dreams and make them fantasize about your destination. Travel brochures help readers escape the routine by offering exciting vacation options.

Know Your Audience

First, you should know whom you are talking to. Think about your friends. They are like each other but also different in separate ways. One could be attracted to the city that never sleeps, New York, while others may prefer peaceful Reykjavík. 

Create, and meet audience personas. Only then target the points that trigger them.

Find Your Unique Selling Proposition

Distinguish the features that your competitors can not carry on with. That will prevent you from getting lost in the crowd. 

Include Awesome Title

The first impression tones how people perceive the rest of the process. With the engaging title, you can push viewers to become readers.
You don't want to go easy. Instead of writing "Mountains of Alps" go for the version like this: "Lost in the breathtaking Mountains of Alps".

Grab Attention with the First Sentence

If the readers are not impressed with the first sentence, they won't hang around with the brochure for too long. Try to demonstrate why it is worth reading.

Provide Relevant Information

People expect brands to provide relevant content in the first stage to help them filter choices. Your potential client must know what facilities are available to them and where they are located. The users' attention is no longer aroused by penetrating advertisements but by offering them the real added value of helpful information.

Top content makes a traveler's planning easier to manage.

Create Urgency

People live once, and they look not to miss something remarkable. Like in the popular sitcom "How I met your Mother," everyone avoids being a blitz. We call it Fear of Missing out (FOMO). But do not overdo it; sounding natural is the key. Not only that, we do not want others to take our place.

So you can state that limited 30 spots are left, time is running out, etc. 

Words are your magic wand. Play with it!

Again, Today stirring urgency or I-want-to-get away moments are realistic. Vibrant Images, Stunning Graphics, and mesmerist words are the recipe.

Include Call to Action (CTA)

Build-in search terms fluently. In addition, the content should, of course, be engaging so that your readers will be happy to book or come back. Your content must be persuasive and linked to a clear call-to-action (CTA). Just like this:
Book Now! Experience The best escape you can ever have.

Where to Look for Templates Online?

Adobe Spark

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