The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Product Content

Amazon's online marketplace has become the best place to market. Here you can bump into anything, from medications to fashion boutiques. Yet, Amazon veterans will confirm, competing for attention in amazon's digital content is no picnic.

What is Amazon Content?

Amazon Content is the term used to describe all of the seller's content, from movies and music to books and apps.

Amazon digital content includes:

  • Titles
  • Bullets
  • Product Images
  • Product Description

Where Do I Get Amazon Content?

Write Yourself

It is possible to produce and manage amazon content and devices internally. If you have a specific team who will commit to content can go for it.
You can nominate the person responsible for content curation: managing, scheduling, and implementing. That will help you to keep things under control.

Outsource Writing

Using external resources, such as agencies and freelancers, will save you time. If you hire a great agency, you will connect with a team of experts covering immeasurable ground for you. Not only that, you keep both costs and quality under control at all times.
Are you looking for Agencies? Greatcontent will be there for you! We source large quantities of well-written, brand-specific descriptions with ease.
Be sure to get in touch if you are facing an Amazon marketing challenge. Our team will be happy to help.
We are content gurus. We make content creation easy for you. 

What Types of Amazon Content Exists?

A+ Content

Amazon A+ Content feature is available to all Amazon sellers. Amazon premium content allows you to describe products of branded ASINs. Therefore, it goes beyond plain text descriptions and standard images. 

  • Price- Free
  • Modules- 12 Basic
  • Modules Per Page- 5
  • Max Width: 970px content width
  • Mobile-Friendly- Yes
  • Availability- All vendors

You can include astonishing visuals and grab the attention of users with valuable texts. of branded ASINs
A+ content contains several content types

  • Outstanding Images and Text Layout
  • Product Comparison Charts
  • Bulleted Lists
  • Links to Other Products

A++ Content

A++ Content is similar to Amazon A+ content but different in High Definition images, videos, and interactive models.

  • Price- Paid
  • Module- 16 Interactive
  • Modules Per Page- 7
  • Max Width- 1464px content width
  • Mobile-Friendly- Yes
  • Availability- Invited Vendors

B+ Content

It is a standard product page for items you sell on Amazon. It covers the information you enter when listing a product:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Image
  • Price

Why Do I Need Amazon Content?

Increase Ranking

Amazon is full of brands and products like yours. But if you work your fingers to the bone for content, then you can make a difference. If you thrive on being Amazon SEO-friendly, you will see a massive boost in traffic.

Provide User Experience

Content managers on Amazon can influence buyer decisions. The content uses a superpower, so your product looks deliverable. Include information with a good structure and necessary information. You will create a good user experience.

Increase Traffic on Listing

Traffic increases the chance of converting a sale and helps you raise awareness. Increased brand awareness hands more opportunities for the future.

Inspire Visitors/Drive Conversions

Try to fall in the head of the customer. Inspire visitors and turn them into buyers.

When Do I Need Amazon Content?

When I want to be successful on Amazon

Content has the superpower to add human touchpoints to your e-commerce page. We trust in the magic of content. It's the best way to stand out from the competition and develop close ties with the audience.

When I List a New Product

Evergreen content is a virtue. Do you want to list a new product? Excellent content with the perfect mixture of copy and visuals will help you grasp the visitor's attention.

Amazon and Content Strategy

Amazon is a very competitive market. It's not enough to have great content and beautiful pictures. You need to think of strategies to get ahead of the competition and make sure you're getting the SEO you deserve.
You can stick with different methods.

  • Create Urge- Selling fast, 2 items left
  • Sale- People love them
  • Gift- Send gifts along with their purchases.

How Do Amazon and SEO Work?

When you visit Amazon, you intend to buy something. It's a good prerequisite for conversion. But the question remains: How do you get potential buyers to choose your product? 
Shoppers on Amazon enter a keyword to explore the products they desire. Like Google, users may favor the top results and ignore the others. If you appear on page 4, then you have less chance to convert sales.
Thus, rankings are a critical element of selling on amazon. 
You also have to know how Amazon's ranking mechanism, the so-called A10 algorithm, works.

How Does Amazon’s Algorithm Work?

Algorithm A10 determines the ranking feature of the product. Amazon is the world's largest online retailer. The search storms the platform 24/7, and the algorithm has seconds to respond by relevant results. It seems like "Flash" is performing it but, A10 has its priorities to check.

Like Google, Amazon does not reveal precisely how the algorithm works. However, we can assume that the following factors play an essential role:

  • The Price- If retailers place the same product with different pricing, the algorithm will favor the lowest rate.
  • Keywords- We have already mentioned the significance of keywords to determine valuable products and prioritize rankings.
  • Relevancy- The content and images used must be relevant and contain the correct keywords. This concerns both the visible texts and the meta-information.
  • Seller Authority
  • How long the merchant has been running the store Amazon
  • Feedback
  • Rating 
  • Product Impressions
  • How many times people have seen the product on the internal and external sources.
  • The availability of the product

Content Elements that Matter

Now we understand the concept behind Amazon A10 Algorithm, SEO, and content types. It's time to discuss content elements.

How to Create Amazon Content?

1. Create an Amazon listing with the correct keywords and pricing

2. Optimize content for relevancy, seller authority, and product impressions`

3. Set up a successful seller feedback rating

4. Create product images and set up availability for the Amazon product

5. Add the keywords to your website

6. Monitor Amazon success

What are the Elements of Amazon Content?


That's the first thing people notice, and you only get one chance to make a decent first impression. While you should try to fit it under 200 characters, optimization is a critical element that you should dwell on:

  • Include Keywords
  • Brand Name
  • Unique Characteristics (The size of product, quantity, special benefits)

Bullet Points

We all love bullet points. It makes everything so digestible. Highlight any key features and include popular keywords in them. Visitors can then understand and evaluate your product at one glance.

Product Images

Include high-quality images in your content. The net is indulged with crystal clear images. If visitors see the poor quality visual, the judgment can also transform into the product itself. Try to avoid wrong judges.

Product Descriptions

Our other tips elements helped to attract attention. Product listing aims to achieve a conversion. Now we need to 'bring it home.
This is where fluent, relevant, information-rich writing is invaluable. Include the USP of each product and its fundamental properties. Focus attention on how the product will serve the reader.
But don't be long-winded. Keep descriptions tight!

What is the Buy Box?

The Amazon Buy Box is the shopping basket field in the upper right corner of the product page, where the "Add to basket" button locates. Only a seller can win the space directly above the shopping basket field with his product. By clicking on "Add to the shopping basket," buyers can choose their offer now. It is estimated that sellers under the Buy Box generate around 90% of sales. So whether or not you make it into the shopping basket box can critically affect your sales volume.

How does the Buy Box work?

The 'Buy' button is located directly below the product image, giving whichever seller has the Buy Box a clear advantage on mobile devices.

How do you make it into the Buy Box?

  • You must have had a professional seller account for at least 90 days and complete regular sales.
  • You have to offer new goods.
  • Your goods must be available immediately (goods availability: in stock)
  • The price of your product should not significantly exceed the average price of the product in the previous weeks/months.
  • Last but not least: engaging product descriptions.

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Track Amazon Content Success

We have already agreed on the significance of developing goals; therefore, tracking them to understand our current weather is vital. Here you can see the list of recommended KPIs.


Check how many visits you have in a given period and compare it to previous results.

Traffic Source

Where does the traffic come from? Organic Search, Social Media, or ADs? It will draw the picture of efficient as well as under-performing channels.


 Sale stats capture the financial state of your business. Also, it clues you what type of products are attractive for customers. 

Ad Cost on Sales

Ad Spend/ Revenue Received
This KPI determines how effective your investment was.  

Total Ad Cost on Sales

Ad Spend/ Total Revenue Received
This number draws a bigger picture. You will indicate what portion of your total revenue ad spend takes.

Average Position on Search

The average position KPI informed you about your websites' amazon SEO performance. You can see how you are performing and ranking on your targeted keywords.

Number of Page Visits

The total number of visits to your page is instrumental in how successful your marketing strategies are. It also notes how popular your product is on search feeds and the clicking probability of your pop-ups.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Clicks/Total Impression.
The rate of customers clicking on an ad is divided by your total impressions.

Conversion Rate

Total Number of Visits/ Sales.
The number of visits divided by the number of sales makes the Conversion Rate.

Total Profit

The KPI indicates the financial state of your company. You should really know how much you are making on Amazon. This number will help you evaluate strategic decisions.

Ratings and Reviews

It is the only social proof customer has when checking your product. Reviews and ratings affect customer decisions and can strengthen a company's reliability. Reviews also prompt people to interact, which could lead to enhanced profits for businesses. 

Amazon Content FAQ

How Often Should Keywords Appear in Texts Optimized for Amazon?

You do not need to use a keyword multiple times on Amazon. A single mention on the title page seems to be enough. 

What are SEO Tools for Amazon?

There are many tools available for Amazon. Most of them are free, at least in the basic version. Good examples include:

Ahrefs: This tool helps you keep track of numerous keyword ideas.
Sellics Sonar provides a continuously updated database of Amazon "product/keyword" combinations.
KTD's Amazon Keyword Tool uses Amazon's autocomplete service or suggest service to find popular Amazon keywords directly from the site in real-time

How Do You Build a Brand on Amazon?

Once your professional seller account is approved, you can apply for trademark registration and create a trademarked storefront. Every word counts when describing your products: The texts must be convincing and SEO-optimized.

Which Detail Pages Can I Add A+ Content?

Bullet point feature
Unique Brand Images and Text Layouts
Matrix Comparison Charts
Custom Paragraph headers and Images
Full-Screen Background via desktop and mobile devices
Image and text cards
Links to other products and the brand store

How Do You Rank with an Amazon Page on Google?

You can also score on Google with high-quality content. Your texts should have a high information density while still being enjoyable and straightforward to read. The URL structure is also essential. To get a good URL, you should use crucial keywords in the product title. But keep them short because Google prefers title descriptions with a maximum of 65 characters.

Is an Amazon-branded Shop Also Good for Search Engine Optimization on Google?

A brand shop is a mini-website on Amazon where you can create as many individual pages as you want. Most brands chose to do this by product category.
Write professional texts and include SEO terms too. Branded shops allow you to market your store both on and off Amazon. You can also add a unique tag to your branded store’s URL to provide information about your sales, conversations, and other marketing metrics.

What is the Significance of Prime Day?

Users who take out a Prime membership will receive even better offers on Prime Day. Find your most suitable products and update your product descriptions if necessary.
To ensure a good ranking on Amazon nationally and internationally, it’s a good idea to work with professionals. At greatcontent, we have a total of over 30,000 linguists, including a lot of Amazon SEO experts. Greatcontent lets you source large quantities of well-written, brand-specific descriptions with ease. Our managed services also offer you to produce Amazon-optimized or SEO texts at scale.

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