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Even if your industry is all about numbers, with the right finance content marketing, you'll find the perfect words to sum up your calculations.

Why is content a important for banks, insurance companies and other financial services providers?

In the past, bank advisors and insurance agents were known by name, and would visit local branches to see their latest products and offers. But since the internet has taken over all spheres of life, specialised websites with high-quality and informative content are the first choice when it comes to important decisions about money. But even here, it’s important to remain serious - with qualitative financial content that skilfully engages customers and answers all their questions. This is the only way to secure their return -you must became their trusted customer advisor.

Growth in banking and finance

High-quality content marketing for banks to create trust

People used to speak of banks and bankers with great respect. Since the financial crisis of 2008/09, this view has changed and confidence in financial institutions has declined, according to the international surveys of financial expert Ernst & Young.

This is where content marketing comes into play. The meteoric rise of this inbound marketing tool is due to the fact that your products and services are professionally marketed with good texts, rather than adopting the methods of online market criers. After all, the annoying e-mails, grating ads and sometimes inappropriate advertising messages have long ceased to have the desired effect for consumers. It is high time to look for new ways to present your own offer on the world wide web. Content is queen in the new millennium. High-quality content and skilful infotainment have become the sales instrument of the hour and not only address the target group that is important to you, but also connect them to your company in the long term.

What strategy is proving to be particularly effective for financial services providers?

Before going to the details of the plan for content marketing and ordering financial texts, it is important to define your own target group. After all, their needs, requirements and wishes must be met and addressed in every financial text: Both the content and the pitch must be fully adapted to the consumer you are addressing. After all, a teenager opening his first account needs different content from that of a full-time employee who wants to sweeten his retirement with a small financial cushion.

At greatcontent, we screen our readers to ensure we get the response right. How do you see yourself and your customers? Perhaps you just want to change the preconceived image, and show your clients that you are on an equal footing?!

Young folks

Who is the “Goldfish Generation”?

The so-called “Goldfish Generation” refers to Generation Y, who were born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s. The millennials, who are now between 20 and 40 years old, are among the most important target groups for finance content marketing.

They no longer jump on advertising messages and aren’t distracted by glossy pictures. After all, as with many other things in their lives, Generation Y want to be entertained when choosing the right account plan or receiving information about stocks. Tables, mood boards, infographics and selective listings — the right text must be short and sharp. Thanks to millennials’ affinity to the internet, financial services providers are now able to use their web presence to directly address the new generation. A hand-crafter blog from one of greatcontent’s linguists can serve as an excellent way to process interesting information in an exciting way and to open up a new customer market.

The frequently perceived lack of information about financial markets, equities and the banking system itself, which many members of Generation Y and Z complain about, can be used by your advantage when you take young people by hand and guide them through the financial jungle. A generous FAQ section with simple questions can go a long way towards relieving young people of the fear of their first investment. A humorous blog quickly manages to combine important information and entertainment and can be saved in the bookmarks on their smartphone.  Interactive chats with experts who answer questions 24/7 are literally tearing down barriers and enabling millennials to see representatives of the banking sector as equals - and not as an old-man association that is only interested in its own gain.

The latest must-have in your marketing mix

As you know, a successful marketing mix consists of many different points. Appropriate content marketing in the financial industry is the prerequisite for a customer-oriented digital strategy that is based not on blunt advertising messages, but rather on useful and, above all, welcome content with added value. Regardless of whether the financial services provider is a foundation, a bank or investment bankers, with an established content creator like greatcontent, the right words are just a click away.

What benefits can you expect from tailor-made content marketing?

Low cost

 One of the most important arguments for tailor-made texts is the low cost. Compared to many other marketing tools, content marketing is also proving to be particularly cost-effective for banks. The texts represent a small investment — which only needs to be made once. Later, you will benefit from an excellent ranking in search engines and the added value that is constantly being offered to new customers. Numerous leads, new customers and therefore high revenues at low cost — these are that metrics that distinguish content marketing.

Impressive range

Compared to paid ads and annoying advertising messages, the content you create from content marketing has the potential to become a viral self-runner. Actionable tables, entertaining texts or perhaps critical columns from the company blog are often shared on social media — the people you can reach through this are addressed on a personal level through the shared content, which is never really achieved by traditional marketing tools.

Best place on Google

Did you know that websites that have more than 400 subpages generate six times more leads than websites that have less than 100 pages? No — then think about these numbers for a second — more keywords, less competition, more likes and ratings, better rankings in search engines.

How can you create high-quality financial texts quickly, cheaply and professionally?

The texts must appeal to both amateurs and experts, have a proven added value and at the same time make “advertising” of their own services. To fulfil all these wishes it’s not magic you need, just a professional at your side who has knowledge of finance as well as writing talent and SEO know-how.

International success in banking with multilingual content

Depending on the briefing, you will find texts in over thirty languages at greatcontent, not just English. The authors work in their native language and are available to help you with not only verbatim translations, but also with cultural adaptations and knowledge of mindset.

What content is suitable for the financial sector?

You can choose different approaches to convey competence, specialist knowledge and expert status to customers: Be it blog entries, information pages, product descriptions or short status updates for social media such as Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and more.

24/7 — Always at your service

Nowadays, you don’t need an employee at the computer every second of the day to be readily available. In many cases, chatbots can be used as a supplement. You create the most common answers in advance, helping customers to feel they are being taken seriously.

Which companies has greatcontent already advised?

In the financial and insurance industry, greatcontent has long been a reliable partner of expatrio, smava, savedo, simplesurance and many more.

Looking for eloquent financial experts?

On our platform, you can quickly see for yourself the quality and high standards of the technical and speech skills of the authors. With messages tailored to your customers in over 30 different languages, greatcontent is the partner you've been looking for.

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