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Where AI Falls Down – Why Multilingual Content Creation Still Needs The Human Touch

While AI has come on in leaps and bounds and CAT tools are very valuable to translators and transcre ...

30th December, 2020

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How to Be Creative When AI Is Involved

Artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived. It’s part of our lives from the moment we wake up until we ...

21st December, 2020

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AI vs Human - what delivers better texts?

What are the Advantages of Human-Generated Content Over Machine-Generated Content? 2019 has seen a s ...

24th July, 2019

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Why Proofreaders are Essential to Create Great SEO Copy

In the world of online marketing, mistakes matter. When potential customers read content produced by ...

3rd July, 2019

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Transcreation: When is it Better than Translation and Why?

The internet has allowed companies to reach markets across the world, but in the process, it has thr ...

26th June, 2019

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Best SEO tools 2020 when Creating Quality Content

It doesn't matter how skilled someone is at fixing furniture -- if they don't have the right tools f ...

8th May, 2019

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More Than Just Destination Descriptions: the SEO Content Tips That Travel Marketers Need to Know

Do you struggle to produce compelling travel descriptions? If so, you're not alone. This article wil ...

17th April, 2019

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Amazon Marketplace: the Ultimate Guide to Creating Optimised Content that Boosts Your Sales

Amazon's online marketplace has swiftly become an indispensable place to market everything from herb ...

13th February, 2019

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Artificial Intelligence: Can Robots Replace Human Writers?

In June 2017, the Oxford University Future of Humanity Institute and a team from Yale University pub ...

30th October, 2018

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Content Optimisation: How to boost traffic by improving what you already have

Sometimes it feels like we're obsessed with creating "new" content. We prize content that's fresh an ...

10th October, 2018

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