Content for the fashion industry: what is important when creating fashion texts

Learn how to create fashion texts that shine on the Google catwalk and attract users!

What is the secret of digitally successful fashion labels and e-commerce?

There is a tale behind every success story. In product marketing in particular, it is not just about usefulness or originality. Today's customers want a "tangible" product. And here fresh and believable content is required. The ultimate goal is to bring clothing and accessories to life with words and images. Users should feel compelled to own the product. For fashion content, that means they don't just buy a new item. Before buying they want to feel the material on their skin, see it in their mind and combine it with their own wardrobe.

The highlight of a successful fashion text is the emotional description. Fashion content is at its best when the feels directly addressed. The text should also arouse the need to absolutely own the item of clothing. A lot of information is also beneficial for sales, so that all questions the customer might have about the garment are answered. Inspire the emotions of your buyers and persuade them with style. Tell the story behind the garment: Where do the materials come from? Why were these exact materials used? How does the material feel? Which designers took part in the creation?

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Why is content so important and what does it need to do?

All content, including content for the fashion industry, is important. How should customers find out about the brand-new sneakers or the latest jeans, if not with good texts? Well, there is also the circle of friends who share news with each other. But let's be completely honest, who wants to wear the same dress that their friend won’t stop talking about?

Ultimately, content marketing is about making the product visible and known. That is why good fashion texts are indispensable for e-shops and e-commerce in the fashion world. The more questions the content answers about the respective item of clothing or accessory, the more visibility the text will achieve in search engines such as Google or Bing. Figuratively speaking, search engines are now the digital catwalk on which fashion content is presented to the public as a model. The role of the designer is practically taken over by the copywriter and concept developer, who determines the sequence, show sequence and content and therefore determines the success of the fashion show.

If the search engines like the text, they will reward you with a good ranking. That in turn is the key to higher visibility and more traffic for the fashion website or online shop. If the website visitors find everything they want quickly and easily and the content says it all, in the best-case scenario they can buy an item or make a booking. It is also good if the visit results in a newsletter subscription, a nice comment, an honest evaluation or even a recommendation on their social media channels.

Content and fashion: Which types of texts are available?

In addition to classic website content, the presentation of individual products is about describing a part precisely and in as much detail as possible. After all, the goal is to sell or advertise.

The following forms of content and marketing are therefore very suitable for fashion items:

Category texts

Category descriptions are very useful in e-shops. They summarise the individual products briefly and clearly and give shop visitors an initial overview. Let them know what to expect if, for example, they click the Trousers category. Which brands are represented? What are the special features of your trousers? What trousers do you offer that others don't? Use the category texts to stand out from the competition and to secure a good ranking in Google. Regular revision is highly recommended if the product portfolio is growing steadily.

Product texts

The most important thing is the product information itself. A clearly structured and quickly comprehensible structure of the product page helps the user to find his way around easily. In addition to details such as size, colour, material and shape, the item of clothing or accessory should be described with running text. What is special about the jacket? Who designed it and why? For who and for what occasion was the jacket designed? Which clothing style does it go particularly well with and with which other accessories or fashion pieces can it be combined perfectly?

Landing pages

Special designs and outfits deserve a special presentation on the world wide web. Landing pages are the best way to do this. Visually and in terms of content, anything that you desire that shows off the clothes to the best of your ability is allowed. This is about style and catwalk-like marketing. This clearly includes the graphic design, but also the content for your fashion. The target group should be carefully analysed so that the landing page wins customers. Keyword analysis and user approach are then on the to-do list before the fashion texts are produced, go online and grab the user emotionally.

Blog texts

A fashion blog or blog articles in e-shops support the distribution of fashion innovations enormously. The ever-new styles and designer pieces can be brought quickly and beautifully to men and women in a fashion blog. A more relaxed and authentic tone is an advantage here. In most cases, it is only about the item of clothing itself, which the blog writer or influencer comments and rates from his own experience. This creates trust in the target group and can quickly turn fashion stars into star designers.

Social Media

Content for fashion cannot ignore social media. The influence of well-known people on the average consumer is enormous: Dresses that Kim Kardashian wears in a photo on her Instagram channel will soon also be hanging in her followers' wardrobe. But even without celebrities, fashion and content harmonise very well on social media. Because social media channels thrive with interaction, just like us humans. As social beings, we interact with other - directly or indirectly. In recent years this has been happening online, through posting, sharing emotions, events, knowledge or material things on social media. All shared content is based on the individual and current lifestyle of the operator, as in the fashion business.

Influencer marketing

Some social media platforms have developed into "fashion icons", among them Instagram in particular. Fashion labels use these platforms specifically to draw attention to their fashion and to encourage people to buy from them. Take the previously mentioned Kim Kardashian, she shows how much sway influencers have on product sales. On Instagram, users can find countless posts about fashion and the latest clothing trends under certain hashtags such as #fashion, #style or #OOTD (Outfit of The Day).

What is important for a successful fashion website and fashion text?

Success in online business means visibility. Anyone who is not in one of the first places on the internet, i.e. in search engines, or cannot be found at all, will rarely attract the attention of users. That is why search engine optimisation (SEO) including target group selection is essential for labels and companies that are active in e-commerce. In addition, the following aspects play a significant role in reaching customers.

Internationalisation: Are more languages helpful?

When it comes to online trading, it is best practice to address all cultures using their language. The website at least should be available in English. Even if you don't do international business. Because nationally there are enough foreign-language people who see your products online and potentially buy them. The more languages you offer, the more people you will reach. With local colours such as well-known phrases and jokes, e-shops and e-commerce also impress with regional offers.

It is important that the content is not translated exclusively by tools, but that native speakers check and optimise the result. Readers notice the difference quickly and lose confidence if the text contains errors or the sentence structure is lacking.

Relevance: What does this mean for fashion content?

The fashion texts should be as up-to-date as the fashion industry is. The tone, style and SEO rules must be adapted to the current standard - or redesigned in order to stand out from the competition. However, the content must always be geared towards the target group. The seasons are indispensable and have been the norm in the fashion trade for years as the time to set new trends and collections. The spring, summer, autumn and winter carousel turns constantly. So, the texts in the online shop must also be kept in vogue. Be prepared for this in good time before the start of the season.

For operators of a fashion shop, it is also advisable to combine existing goods with new clothes. In this way, they automatically point out other items of clothing that match the respective product and encourage users to keep looking around in the e-shop. Basics, for example, never go out of style: The little black dress, white shirt or white blouse are almost a staple in the wardrobe of men and women. These garments are timeless and can be coordinated with many other items.

Trends: Which are fashionable for your e-shop?

Fashion trends come quickly, regardless of the season. It’s important to always be up to date in order to track down must-haves and trendy gadgets. This means that your product portfolio also stays up to date. Nevertheless, caution is advised, because not every trend fits the brand or the image of the company. In the longer term, however, consumers are rethinking. If awareness changes towards sustainability, animal welfare and fair trade, the shop offer should be updated accordingly.

How does greatcontent support the fashion industry in content marketing?

greatcontent works with over 30,000 linguists who cover over 30 languages. Among them there are real fashionistas and fashionistos working as copywriters, proof readers, editors and translators. greatcontent ensures that your content for fashion is target group-specific, technically unbeatable and search engine optimised. The fashion content commissioned by us is not an expensive marketing investment. Multilingual fashion texts, for example, are created with human-hybrid teams from greatcontent. We use adaptive CAT tools for translation and then let native-speaker post-editors edit the text. This is how scaling works quickly and at a high level.

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