Some fresh texts? How content marketing can guarantee success in the food industry

The best ideas, catchy slogans and irresistible messages: We show how your strategy can be the cream of the crop.

Content marketing in the food industry - why should you invest?

The same rules apply to chefs in the kitchen as do to your text creation: experience, expertise and good taste count. The competition is fierce for food and drink advertising online. This applies to all aspects of the food industry, from the delivery of groceries through to special products for gourmets and connoisseurs, snacks, lunches and even complete candlelight dinners. What makes you better than the competition? You can provide the answers with perfectly tailored content that suits you and the food industry. Fresh content increases your awareness in relevant target groups, builds trust and credibility. And if the fish takes the bait - in other words, the user likes your recipe - it is only a matter of time before your company becomes the new star in the food sky.

How can content marketing be used effectively in the food industry?

Imagine the inviting smell of fresh pasta, the satisfy crunch of fresh vegetables or the creamy sweetness of a delicious mousse. Have we got your attention? Content comes to life through stories. Readers should visualise the delicacies they can expect - with clear target group-specific content.

What food content is out there - and what do you really need?

Category texts

The factual description of the range and what the buyer can expect is particularly important for online food marketers. The texts should be accurate, give tips on how to use the product and make the user want to browse the range.

Product descriptions

Here’s where you get down to the nitty-gritty. Readers learn more about the origin, ingredients and shelf life of the food.


Social media marketing is more than just a text about food. Bring your services to life with images and stories that show your users the potential experience they can have with your product.

Recipe ideas

Be specific - what delicacies can be whipped up using your product? Links between different products and recipe suggestions provide users with added value content.

User-generated content (UGC)

Recipe ideas are better than plain text about food - and the feedback from users is even better. With UGC you give those who love to present their dinner creations, diet plans and serving ideas a platform.

DIY posts and videos

How do you use it? Teach your users new skills. Use videos and step-by-step instructions to help them learn. An added plus: They’ll remember you. After all, you’ve taught them something new!

Food Walks

Allow foodies a virtual insight into popular venues. Invite your users on a tour of the culinary capitals of the world, in contemporary districts and regions known for their gourmet scene. While this takes a bit of effort, it has an impressive effect. You offer your target group unbeatable added value in the form of unforgettable experiences.

Be aware: The visual representation is important for all texts relating to food and drink. Think about the presentation on social media platforms, especially Instagram. Make sure you invest in professional photographers for your content marketing in the food sector.

How popular are texts on food and nutrition?

It’s easy to understanding the purpose of food and drinks texts by looking at the figures from the cooking platform BBC Good Food. There are around 19 million users that share recipes and preparation methods, discuss ingredients, new ideas and variants of classics on this site. Questions such as "how do I prepare ...?" feature heavily in the top 10 search terms on YouTube. And the Food Content Marketing Report determines which text forms are particularly popular: It is content that provides information and further education such as recipes, how-tos and restaurant reviews.

What technical support is there for food content marketing?

The best solution can be found when humans and machines work together. Keyword research tools will find out what your target audience is looking for, then CAT tools and human post-editors are the secret behind faster and cheaper internationalisation. With fresh ingredients, a fragrant blend of spices and attention to detail, perfect texts about food, drink and dietary supplements are created.

Why do texts about food work so well?

Eating is about love, enjoyment, socialising and so much more. People's mouths water at the thought of the delicious flavours. It’s fun to browse recipes and decide what you’d like to cook. Food and nutrition is far more than a basic need: It appeals to our emotions - which is the key to successful content marketing. What’s more: Food content is often shared because it appeals to users who are interested in recipe ideas, new inspiration and dinner parties.

Content creation for food marketing: how to make it count

How important is unique content?

In short: It’s the be-all and end-all. Google only likes unique content - just like the users. Copied texts about food - and any other topics - lead to penalties on Google. The consequences are a poorer positioning in the search results, lower visibility and ultimately loss of profit.

How important is the headline?

The headline and header image are the first way to grab readers' attention. If they find it engaging, they’ll take the time to read the rest of the text. The Copyblogger portal solidifies this theory: Around 80 percent of people read the headline, but only 20 percent read the content behind it. With a successful headline, you can increase this percentage significantly.

How long should a text about food and drink be?

You’re looking for a short, sharp punch of flavour. In content marketing in the food industry in particular, the focus is on the images at first glance. The accompanying text provides concise information, for example in the form of a blog entry or a recipe. Take into account: Bigger is not always better - quite the opposite in fact. Be sure to communicate all the important information. Nothing more, nothing less.

What makes food texts successful?

Only the perfect combination of ingredients makes a delicious meal. The same applies to content marketing in the food sector. Sophisticated keyword research, a detailed briefing, lean work processes and authors who hit the right note - this is how a text about food and drink succeeds. The text should speak to readers on their level, respect them and meet them where they are. This is why it is so important to clearly analyse the target audience. With a text, users want to learn something about food and its preparation and some new facts, similar to reading a non-fiction book.

Where are the best food writers?

The search for authors who understand your food trade and have free capacity can be time-consuming. Many companies don’t have the time for this or they don’t know where to start. Content platforms are often the better choice. At greatcontent you benefit from a global network of experienced authors, post-editors and transcreators. It’s good to remember: Influencers may push content on social networks, but they haven’t usually written the text themselves.

How do you ensure that your food content is engaging?

There are a number of indicators that make good content. A target group-oriented approach, precisely placed information and a friendly greeting are among the top factors. You can check that authors meet your standards using sample texts. And: Behind every successful text is a detailed briefing. It’s only when the copywriter knows exactly what you want that they can deliver great texts. You should also be available to answer any questions they might have.

Unlimited taste?

Linguistically speaking - yes. You can offer your food text in any target language you like. This is the only way to reach a variety of users. Think about it: Not everyone can speak English well enough or has the time to work through a foreign language text. In the worst case, you will lose potential customers. AI (artificial intelligence)-based tools translate quickly and cheaply. Then native speakers take care of the linguistic and cultural characteristics.

Content marketing for food texts: Success by working with professionals

Who wants to work with amateurs? Food content production experts know how to get it right. Either order your texts yourself on the greatcontent marketplace or book our Managed Service. Then, depending on the service you select, we will take care of everything for you from market analysis to SEO audits, keyword research, author recruiting and casting to internationalisation. All you have to do is keep an eye on your KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) and check how your visibility on the internet increases daily and your sales grow.

Find real foodies who can get your message across!

Our experience in food content marketing is based on projects with numerous well-known providers in the industry. Renowned companies in the food and nutrition industry have already successfully made use of our services. These include start-ups such as HelloFresh - the provider of food parcels has developed from a newcomer to an established brand within a short period of time, primarily thanks to better visibility on the internet. Delivery Hero also expanded its German customer base, not least thanks to good content marketing. Further projects have already been completed with the restaurant portal Quandoo, PizzaPortal, Mein Wunsch Catering, Eataly, foodpanda and Just Eat.

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