Mobility Content: How to get your vehicles on the road

High-quality texts for successful content marketing in the automotive industry

Good content for the automotive industry: Why high-quality content is becoming increasingly important

Around 88% of car buyers research online before making a purchase. Millions of car fans find out about their favourites online: Old timers, new faces, innovative developments, concept cars and vehicles of the future. Content and cars are a perfect match: Editorial content speaks to the heart and mind equally. That creates trust - a key point in automotive communication. In this way you increase the loyalty of your customers and those who are yet to become buyers.

Rapid ascent: How content marketing increases your traffic and your conversion rate

Content about the latest trends and developments in the market are the most interesting reads by far. And the target group is always looking for further individual content. Defining and creating these texts is what matters in content marketing in the mobility industry.

Who takes the pole position in content marketing for the automotive industry?

Content marketing should be as standard in the automotive industry. Amazingly, however, it’s not. A large number of companies such as car dealerships and workshops still rely on traditional advertising. You can do it differently: Engage your (future) customers and the search engines with good content. Do you keep a watchful eye on your budget? So do we: Organic SEO saves your expenses and has a lasting effect.

How important is fresh content in the auto industry?

  • Up-to-date details, price information, and relevant data are essential when creating content for car enthusiasts. Why is that so? We’ll show you:
  • Around 92% of car buyers research online before buying.
  • Exactly 13.55 hours: That's the average time car buyers spent researching and buying a new vehicle in 2019.
  • The majority of the time, 61%, was spent online.
  • Around 75% of car buyers stated in a Google study that online videos had influenced their buying habits and ultimately their decisions.
  • According to a study published by Cox Automotive in 2019, car buyers are increasingly making decisions online. If they go to a dealership, they are usually ready to buy. A good reason for retailers to hone their online marketing and sales strategy.

Experts are in demand: How to get your message out on the streets

Who will win the race for customers in the automotive industry? In the long term, it will be those who use a sophisticated online marketing strategy that informs and entertains. Inbound marketing solutions and value-oriented content make your brand stand out in a highly competitive market.

Creating added value with clever systems: artificial intelligence for successful content marketing

AI (Artificial Intelligence) - is understood to mean clever software that mimics the structures of the human brain. In content marketing, for example, you write and translate a text about cars. Technology is so advanced today that many of the results can be used without human revision.

What texts about cars can intelligent systems produce?

AI service systems can only go so far: Say for example, you can write directions for route planners or weather reports. Behind this are huge databases that translate proper names correctly, for example. This is how Milano becomes Milan in Germany. But admittedly: Without a subsequent revision by a human author, these texts provide the body - but the soul is missing. They are great for short instructions that work purely on a factual level. When it comes to complex content such as operating instructions for vehicles, test reports and design reports on new models, however, computers may be out of their depth.

Man and machine - one team for perfect content creation

The result of a computer-aided translation can be frustrating. Anyone who has ever used Google Translator to edit a text knows exactly what we mean. Where the work of the machine ends, the human job begins: Experienced post-editors transform machine translations into compelling texts that turn prospect clients into buyers. This is how man and machine form teams and perfect content is created in no time at all.

Multilingual content: Using CAT tools as clever team members

CAT tools, computer aided translation tools, translate texts that have already been created. They work very effectively thanks to machine learning: The software recognises and learns linguistic relationships and idioms. The same applies here: Good mobility content can only be created by language experts who carefully check the entire text so it’s linguistically perfection with a human touch. At greatcontent, that’s our golden rule. That’s why we produce multilingual, convincing content very efficiently.

Before the starting shot: Who is your target audience?

Many car manufacturers have put their car purchase information on the internet. The trend was already evident before the outbreak of the corona crisis in 2020, with companies like Tesla and Carvana at the top. Against the background of lockdowns and contact restrictions, it picked up speed - and will certainly continue in a world after Corona. Rhett Ricart, chairman of the US National Auto Dealers Association (NADA), told mobility magazine Car and Driver that he assumes that 80 to 90% of automobile dealers will have e-cars by the end of 2021. It’s time to start perfecting your commerce strategy.

Which types of content are useful in the automotive industry?

There are numerous types of text in content marketing, from short product descriptions to client stories and personalised blog posts. Sit back and learn more about unique content and what really matters when it comes to copywriting for car fans.

What does unique content mean in mobility marketing?

The principle behind Unique Content is to ensure that a text passage appears only once on the Internet. Clever tools like Copyscape check this automatically by searching through billions of documents in the network within seconds. On the greatcontent platform, this check takes place automatically before the writers can submit the text. This makes sure your content is entirely unique.

What is important in a text for the auto industry?

Are you ready for the hard facts? Here are the most important building blocks to consider when creating your mobility content:

Detailed texts

Sure, a lot of readers prefer informative snippets that provide facts quickly and clearly. But that is not always possible - and not wanted here either. Attractive, detailed information always delivers exponential results if the topic really interests the target group. A text about cars conveys a lot of information, starting with the hard facts about the engine up to design details. SEO experts love extensive content because it offers plenty of space for sophisticated keyword optimisation. And that ultimately maximises the number of visitors to your website.


Make it personal! Nothing beats your own experience. This is why test reports are so popular in all industries, especially in the automotive sector. They convey emotions, such as the feeling of a humming engine or the irresistible design of a vehicle.

Timeless content

There is a lot of information that remains relevant for many years and can provide traffic over a long period of time. They play a significant part in getting your company up the ranks in the search engines.

Pictures and videos

Here we are relying again on emotions. High-quality vehicle images and videos have long been the trend. It will certainly stay that way - and will continue to expand, as a look at current social networks such as TikTok shows, which are all about moving images. People who view your vehicle pictures and videos are twice as likely to visit your company.

Overviews / abstracts

 Undoubtedly, summaries of relevant content are a challenge for the writers. Finally, they are compiled, viewed, checked for relevance and correctness and published by experts. But the effort is worth it: Clear information, well-known and renowned sources and an all-round view of a topic significantly improve the reputation of a company or a brand.


They provide the most important facts at a glance and are very popular with the online audience for this reason. In this way you can convey tips, tricks and relevant information in a nutshell. Bonus: Lists visually loosen up a text. They create an appealing mix of body text and snippets. And that works.


There are a number of topics that require comprehensive information. These can be tips and tricks for car care, for example. An e-book (or white paper) is worthwhile for this. Anyone looking for exactly this content will be happy - and you in turn generate more traffic.


Similar to lists, infographics provide valuable information at a glance. How-to articles in infographic format break down complex topics into simple, step-by-step instructions - perfect for simplifying complex content.


Podcasts make multi-tasking possible. In a fast-paced world, this is the perfect way to get relevant information out there. You can listen to podcasts while you drive, do the cleaning, or work in your study. In this way you can reach potential customers with a hectic day-to-day life who don’t have the time to do extensive research on the internet.


Webinars bring you more than traffic and leads. They have the potential to bind the audience to you and to build a trusting relationship by creating a lasting learning effect.

Latest news

Car fans love news about vehicles and future developments. News has a huge reach and offers the opportunity to publish daily updated content for a larger audience. And, it’s very well known that fresh content also makes the search engines happy.

Who writes content for the automotive industry?

At greatcontent we have a pool of more than 30,000 authors working in over 30 languages. Our mobility content experts have been handpicked, checked and approved by us. They are just as familiar with high-horsepower vehicles as they are with the subject of leasing, as well as with commercial vehicles, classic cars, e-cars and plug-in hybrids. They classify tests and write authentic reports. They also know exactly what makes the search engines tick. Do you need content in several languages? With the help of AI systems, we expand your texts to numerous languages. The result is regionally and locally tailored texts that set car fans’ hearts racing.

How does the quality check work in text production?

A team of experienced editors checks every text for formal and linguistic requirements. You can track the progress of your projects in our system.

Our authors are waiting in the starting blocks!

We are ready: Our team of automotive experienced authors creates content for car enthusiasts according to your wishes: from analyses and reviews to product launches, from model descriptions to expert texts and how-to instructions. For multilingual texts, we recommend computer-aided translations and subsequent post-processing by native-speaking post-editors.

Get in!

More than 10,000 authors specialising in Mobility Content Marketing have already implemented successful projects for numerous companies in the automotive industry. These included renowned brands such as Autoscout24, Auto1, HappyCar, Sixt and Autobiz.

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