Write and let write: our top tips for perfect text creation

How to avoid costly mistakes in text creation

What does a good text need to do?

Good digital texts help with several goals: You increase the traffic on your website, build trust, engage the readers and establish relationships with your customers. Ultimately, good content increases your conversion rate - because only those who are persuaded will ultimately buy.

Does good content automatically lead to more sales?

Compelling text is step one in your customer journey. You will attract more visitors to your website. Search engine optimised texts are essential for more traffic. Ask yourself which keywords the target group is frequently looking. A lot of people click on content that ranks for these search terms. More access to the website increases perception and widens the target group. In this way, some visitors may come into contact with your product for the first time or get to know the service you offer. But that alone is not enough. The reader must also find what they’re looking for on the page. Only in this way does the user become a customer and ultimately generate sales for your company.

Do the texts have to appeal to the search engines or the people?

The answer is: both. Both search engines and people like good content. If the text creation only takes technical SEO criteria into account, such as the number and placement of keywords, it’s not doing enough. That may have worked the past, but now Google is primarily assessing the quality of website content and honouring good texts with a higher ranking. In addition, companies with well-researched content presented in detailed articles gain the trust of readers. Articles with added value radiate expertise. If this added value is missing, users quickly leave the website again. They head over to blogs or other websites that offer the content they want.

How do good texts turn users into customers?

Ultimately, good content is the path to sales. Content that conclusively answers all of the reader's questions promotes successful business deals and ensures the desired conversion. In addition to purchasing a product or using a service, this can also be a subscription to the newsletter or the download of a PDF. See the content of your website as the basis. For example, blogs attract potential customers to the company. Here, users can find helpful texts on topics that interest them. The articles offer them added value by solving problems of the target group, inspiring or providing new information. Convincing content persuades readers to execute the desired goal, be it the purchase of a product or a subscription to the newsletter, much faster.

What types of texts are there?

Informative content

Articles for blogs and news sites: Posts in corporate blogs or on news sites are basically suitable for all conceivable topics and can be presented individually. Depending on the company and the associated website, for example, the tonality and style of the texts as well as the addressing of reader differs.

Press releases: Press releases tend to use a sober and factual style of language to spread news. Companies use news to provide information on current developments, for example, and remain in the media and public awareness.

Inspirational content

E-books: E-books are often extensive publications similar to a book format in digital form with high-quality content and high added value.

One pager and white papers: Data, facts and information are presented in a concise form in whitepapers and one pagers in an appealing and target group-oriented manner.

Advertising copy: As a classic marketing tool, texts of this kind advertise both products and websites as well as the entire company. They are mostly written in a subjective advertising style.

Advice texts: Texts in advice form on online platforms prepare a topic in an understandable form. The language is therefore easy to understand and concise.

Transactional content

Product descriptions: Classic descriptions introduce the product. Individual texts offer readers added value and are also important for ranking in search engines.

Reviews: The spectrum of (critical) evaluations ranges from technical goods to vacation trips. The creation of texts is often subjectively evaluative, but objective test reports are also included.

Category texts: Descriptions on the category pages summarise information for an entire division or group of products.

Amazon: Everyone knows them - the texts on Amazon is short, concise information that invites you to order the products presented.

How do you create good content?

The creation of good texts takes place over several steps. Let's explain this using an example process:

What does an example process look like?

Take, for example, the texts for a website. The creation of the text included not only the writing itself, but the entire process from planning to putting the new website online. In the planning, for example, the goals and content of the website are defined, the time of publication is planned and it is decided who will write the content. This is followed by the briefing. This includes, for example, the structure of the online text, the scope and writing style as well as the keywords to be used. Only then does the actual writing take place. This is followed by proofreading in order to eliminate any errors. Finally, the export of the text into the CMS system is also part of the creation of the text. The process is not completed until the website is published.

What are the success factors in text creation?

Good brief

The briefing is essential for good content. The desired text can only be created at the end if the order is described exactly and completely. In addition to content, style and address, the formatting, structure and search engine optimisation must also be taken into account.

Choice of quality level

For the right price-performance ratio, the desired text quality and the quality level of the writers must be determined.

Selection of suitable writers

If a company wants to have texts written externally, a group of copywriters must be recruited. On the basis of an advertisement, these can be found in showrooms and on text exchanges or individually commissioned as freelancers.

Quality control

A freshly submitted text should not be published 1 to 1. Rather, the content must first be checked and edited.

Effective and efficient translation

If multilingual content is necessary, this is best done quickly and inexpensively with a human hybrid team made up of machine tools and a native-speaking post editor.

How do you write multilingual texts?

If your website is set up in several languages, the multilingual content can also be produced. This is done quickly and inexpensively with the help of CAT tools (computer aided translation). Machines provide an initial rough version of the translated texts. Post-editors then review the content. They eliminate mistakes and ensure that the text is linguistically correct. In addition, they optimise the text country-specifically for search engines. Be careful with localisation - faux pas lurk, for example, when translating jokes or idioms. These are avoided by employing native speakers and real language professionals.

Should you have texts written or produce content yourself?

A good question, let's take a look at the benefits and options of outsourcing.

What are the advantages of external copywriting?

Using external resources to have texts written will save you time. Existing staff aren’t tied up and a large amount of content can be produced quickly. You benefit from the tried and tested writing skills of experienced copywriters. With agencies or on text exchanges, the expertise offered is broad - there are specialists for almost every industry. Unique texts are created instead of using existing material. Similar content can be scaled with a briefing to a large extent with consistently high quality. You keep both costs and quality under control at all times.

What are your options for outsourcing copywriting?


Working with freelancers is very efficient. A permanent contact person works closely with the company. They respond to individual wishes and produces uniform content. The text quality depends on the respective freelancer, but is usually high. Writers also charge different text prices. Acquiring the right freelancer can be time-consuming, but it can lead to a reliable collaboration. However, this method is less suitable for extensive text projects.

Text exchanges

 From numerous copywriters, you can choose the right provider depending on the desired quality of the texts and level of experience. At a lower level, the texts are very cheap, which sometimes affects the quality of the text. If you would like to have high-quality texts written and would like individual advice, this is reflected in the price. On text exchanges, customers benefit from any scalability. Additional offers such as optimisation for search engines and translation can be booked from a single source.

Text agencies

Text agencies create high quality content in a flexible and professional manner. Individual advice is standard. Accordingly, the price is often a bit higher in comparison. Text agencies offer additional services, from image searches to keyword research, and manage extensive projects depending on the size of the agency. Finding the right agency can cost time and money, but the collaboration is then often of a more permanent nature.

greatcontent is both: Text exchange and text agency

The marketplace - the text exchange

You can use the Marketplace to manage your text projects yourself and search for the right writers. On the greatcontent copywriting platform, texts can be booked starting from 0.03 GBP per word. Both copywriting and copyediting including proof reading are possible. The collaboration with the linguists takes place directly and easily via the platform using an internal messaging system. The customer handles the entire process directly - from the eventual casting round with test texts, through the optimised briefing, to the finished text. If desired, greatcontent can import the produced content directly into your target system via an interface. Due to the independent management, the prices on the marketplace are cheaper.

Managed Service - the text agency

The all-round carefree Managed Service from greatcontent is more convenient and saves a lot of time. We take care of the entire process. According to the textual content, we carry out a casting and select the right writers based on expertise and experience. The creation of the briefing and communication with the writers also takes place via greatcontent. We also take care of the production, quality control and acceptance of the finished texts, including editing and proofreading. In just a click of your fingers, you will end up with good content, in whichever language you desire. In our human hybrid teams, native speakers edit computer-based translations and guarantee high quality at a low price.

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