Content creation made easy: with the Managed Service

An AI-supported platform, a network of multilingual and industry-specific linguists, perfect briefings and smooth project management: These are the ingredients of our all-round carefree pack for text creation.

Who is still producing content themselves?

Content is queen - but that only applies if it is perfectly tailored to your goals. Whether it’s content creation or translations: Producing compelling content can be a chore. There are many steps to be managed, from searching for a writer to a detailed briefing, right through to proofreading and other services. Not every company has the time and capacity to do this. In addition, many don’t know how to find suitable writers or how to formulate a perfect brief.

managed service

You don't have to - after all, you have enough to do with your core business. Simply outsource your content project to a professional team with individual all-round support. We do the job for you, drawing on more than ten years of experience in content creation. You benefit from our resources:

  • Sophisticated technology: We are continuously working on our platform to simplify content creation for our customers and freelance writers. For example, the digital editor receives regular updates and new features that make it much easier to use. One of them is the simplified author search.
  • Proven language experts: At greatcontent you have access to a network of more than 30,000 authors, editors, translators and post-editors. You can filter these according to education, personal interests and professional experience, among other things. How to find the perfect author for your project.

Multilingual content for global business: Managed Service goes international

Our managed services include unique content written by native speakers in more than 30 languages. This is how you conquer new markets with high-quality and extensively researched content. You have the choice between different concepts: Our authors can write all texts individually in the desired target language - or you can rely on a team of people and machines. If you need the same content in several languages, we recommend computer-aided translation using clever tools. Our post-editors then give the content a skilful polish and pay particular attention to regional linguistic features. Localisation includes professional translation and adaptation to the language of the market.

Processes and strategies: How our Managed Service works

Effective unique content is more than just creating and translating texts. Before you see the finished product, the documents go through several editing and proofreading loops. Depending on the project and its requirements, we can offer you the following services:

  • Copywriting with proof reading or fine-tuning via copyediting,
  • Editing and proofreading, which check texts for briefing conformity and linguistic perfection,
  • Machine-aided translations with clever tools that memorise phrases, idioms and specific terms - and ensure that texts are presented as if from a single source,
  • Post-editing, which ensures the linguistically correct translation and standardises and perfects machine-aided translations,
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) according to the latest standards, on requests according to the WDF * IDF formula.

What is the difference between the Marketplace and Managed Services?

In short, the differences are huge. Both services offer completely different approaches. Marketplace requires some of your own commitment. You create an account and choose authors based on their skills, professional qualifications, language and expertise. Then upload a briefing you have written yourself, upload the texts in the portal for selection by the copywriters - and off you go. All you have to do is wait until your unique content is delivered.

Does that sound like more time and resources than you can afford? If requested, we can provide you with a responsible project manager who will take care of these steps. Here we come to the Managed Service, in this package, your wish is our command. You tell us your goals - we will do the rest for you.

What processes does the Managed Service include?

Famously, the limit does not exist. This can also be said of our Manage Service. In concrete terms, this means that you receive all content creation services from a single source. Depending on your goals, and the content to be created, you have the choice between two types of content creation:

  • Copywriting: The professional text creation according to the briefing, layout and expertise by experienced authors.
  • Text creation with AI (artificial intelligence) support: The creation of texts using machine learning algorithms and subsequent processing by linguists

Managed Service for translations: the services you can expect

Do you need an existing text in other languages? This is easy thanks our translation services. Various options are also available in this area: On the one hand classic translations by certified translators, on the other machine translations: greatcontent successfully combines AI systems for machine translation with experienced post-editors. After the software has created the translation, the skills of selected word acrobats are required. Certified translators work as experts in the transmission of texts, while (at least) bilingual post-editors transform machine-translated documents into a coherent whole. They hit exactly the style and tonality you need and cleverly bring the text into the desired context.

The author casting: Process and background

Our pool of authors consists of copywriters from all imaginable areas: Technology experts, food journalists, travel writers, experts in gambling and gaming as well as from countless other specialist areas. We check the availability of suitable authors for your project for you and start a call for tenders in which we request sample texts after a defined briefing. Then we make a preselection. You decide - if you wish, together with the project manager - which authors should work for you. Only those who best fit your project will be approved and will create compelling content for your market success.

Who needs the Managed Service?

Are you unsure whether you need our Managed Service for your content creation? If one or more of the following applies to you, the answer is yes:

  1. You need content that inspires both search engines and users
  2. You have no or insufficient resources in-house to create first-class content yourself and to manage the project.
  3. You lack the in-house qualifications to meet the high demands placed on good content.
  4. You don't have the time to plan and support the entire process of creating texts.
  5. You want your text projects to be scalable quickly.
  6. You need high-quality content in different languages quickly and easily.

Project management for Managed Services: Who is responsible?

With us you are in the most capable hands: Our experienced project managers are at your disposal for all questions, suggestions and ideas. They are not only personable, they also have a lot to offer: top training and many years of experience in content creation and in the process of text creation projects. Depending on the type of project, the individual assignment and your goals and strategies, your project manager is responsible for the following elements:

  • The definition of the briefing requirements in consultation with you and based on your goals.
  • The selection of the authors according to strict criteria of training, experience and text skills.
  • The onboarding of internal departments and teams for a holistic, successful project design.
  • Monitoring and organising content creation and translations.
  • Quality assurance based on strict criteria.
  • If necessary, the organisation of reworks.

Do I really have one contact person for everything?

There is nothing worse than when one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing. So much time is wasted having to update all relevant parties. That doesn't happen with greatcontent.

With our managed service, we provide you with a permanent project manager for the entire content creation process. She or he is by your side from the very start - from the first ideas to the roll-out and beyond. Personal, trusting contact and long-term cooperation are important to us. By this we mean: Once you tell us exactly what it is you want, we can walk the long road to great content together. This works best in a personal exchange.

However, our Managed Service doesn't just depend on one person. After all, there can always be unexpected bumps in the road, or your contact might take a well-deserved holiday. We have introduced a central project management system for key accounts so that you receive the best service seamlessly whenever you need it. This means that your content creation is not dependent on the knowledge of just one person. In the event of illness or holiday, we guarantee a back-up that knows exactly the current status of your project. In this way we avoid downtimes and waiting times and you benefit from a seamless handover - and save yourself tedious explanations about the project progress. When your trusted contact person returns, they will be immediately up-to-date and know which step you are currently working on together.

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greatcontent is there for you when it comes to creating texts in numerous languages. More than 30,000 native speakers are active in our network and work for you in over 30 languages. CAT Tools, AI-based software for machine-aided translation, enable rapid internationalisation.

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