About us

Our philosophy

The largest retailers worldwide as well as freshly funded startups need good content to bring their message across. The most successful ones need great content. We create great content since 2011 based on our 3 pillars:

International community

A motivated and diverse international community of more than 30.000 linguists who write, proofread, post-edit, translate and transcreate texts in more than 30 languages.

Content creation platform

A constantly improving platform making the content creation process as easy as possible.

Inhouse experts

A dedicated team of inhouse experts which strive to find the perfect solution until every client is satisfied.

This is what makes us the fastest and leading content service provider in Europe!

Our values

We highly believe in a strong set of common values which guide our every day interactions and decision making with our colleauges, partners and clients.

It is great to be open

We value open feedback from every stakeholder and use it to improve our services.

It is great to be on the same page

We support each other to achieve our common goal.

It is great to be great

We choose to work with the best creative talent and technology to deliver the expected outcome.

It is great to be flexible

We are privileged to have freedom of decision-making when it comes to achieving our goals.

It is great to be international

We benefit from the influence of cultural diversity.

Meet our team

Our team consists of industry experts with years of experience in digital marketing, language services and technology

Anton Vanin
Software Engineer
Christian Ritter
Finance and Controlling Manager
Daniel Forstermann
Dr. Frank Mair
Chairman of the Board
Gregory Leshkevich
Software Engineer
Hans Christian Steyer
QA / Software Test Engineer
Julia Ivanova
Front-End Developer
Karolina Cuncu
Project Manager
Michael Munz
Advisory Board
Mickael Bensassi
Client Success
Niklas Kosanke
Senior Frontend Developer
Oleksii Dubinin
Head of Engineering
Riccardo Coradeschi
Customer Success Lead
Stanislav Drozdov
Senior Software Engineer
Vikrant Agrawal

Join us

We are always looking for great talent to join our team!

Are you looking for a freelance role?

We are always looking for experienced and motivated copywriters, translator or editor. You can find our current openings on our freelance career page.

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