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Optimization in Marketing

What You’re Doing Wrong in Your CRO Program

Duration: 55 minutes


Shiva Manjunath

Shiva Manjunath

CRO Program Manager


An experienced CRO Program Manager, with a passion for driving revenue and creating high-value user experiences, Shiva Manjunath is a seasoned optimizer and a champion of testing to learn, not to win. He has previously worked with Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. as a Senior Website Optimization Specialist, and with Edible Arrangements as a Website Optimization Analyst.

About The Session

What does it take to successfully execute a CRO Program? How do you know you aren’t making any mistakes while planning and launching tests?

Shiva will answer these questions and share lessons that he has learned while running successful CRO programs over the past several years. He will also talk about collaboration, the data feeding into your program, and how you can navigate the politics of experimentation.

Key Questions

  • How the collaborative effort of CRO, UX, and Engineering, is greater than the sum of each team’s efforts in silos
  • Why you should test to learn, not test to win
  • How you can set yourself up for long-term success in optimization
  • Why stress testing and augmenting your collected data is important