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What does search engine optimisation for Amazon include?

Amazon is known as one of the largest online shop platforms worldwide and is now also the most important search engine when it comes to products and online trade. This is where your customers and potential buyers come to learn things for themselves. For Amazon to feature your product among its top rankings, the content has to be right.

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Understand and use Amazon SEO

Usually when you’re visiting Amazon, you intend to buy something. It’s a good prerequisite for conversion. But the question remains: How do you get potential buyers to choose your product? In order for you to succeed, you need to familiarise yourself with search engine optimization (SEO: Search Engine Optimisation) for Amazon. You also have to know how Amazon's ranking mechanism, the so-called A9 algorithm, works.

How does Amazon’s algorithm work?

The selection of products displayed for a specific search query, and it what order is determined by the A9 algorithm. Like Google, Amazon does not reveal exactly how the algorithm works. However, it can be assumed that the following factors play an important role:

  • The content and images used must be relevant and contain the correct keywords. This concerns both the visible texts and the meta-information.
  • The availability of the product.
  • Your feedback.
  • The price.

How do you appear trustworthy on Amazon?

You need a professional seller account if you plan to sell more than 40 products per month. But we can assume that if this weren’t the case, you wouldn’t be reading still. A professional seller account costs 25 pounds per month (instead of invoicing per item sold in the basic account). In addition, your profile must be complete, including full contact details and persons of contact.

How do you build a brand on Amazon?

Once your professional seller account is approved, you can apply for trademark registration and create a trademarked storefront. Every word counts when describing your products: The texts must be convincing and SEO-optimised.

Keyword research for Amazon?

Without the right search terms, the most beautiful article is of little value. However, SEO works differently at Amazon than at Google. The Google algorithm tends to prefer long-tail keywords. For example, if you sell office furniture, texts with keywords such as “workplace desk design lighting” are a good idea. At Amazon, on the other hand, you should focus on short-tail. The search engine assumes that the visitors are looking for certain products, i.e. the pages that use very short, very simple keywords rank best. So it’s important to use the specific name of your office furniture, for example “desk lamp”.

How often should keywords appear in texts optimised for Amazon?

Generally speaking, you don't need to use a keyword multiple times on Amazon. A single mention in the title page is usually enough. This is the exact opposite when it comes to Google. The Google algorithm assumes that pages where the keywords are mentioned multiple times are more relevant than those where the keywords aren’t as frequent. In-depth, detailed content works much better in this context.

SEO tools for Amazon

…there are many. Most of them are free, at least in the basic version. Good examples include:

  • Ahrefs: This tool helps you keep track of numerous keyword ideas.
  • Sellics Sonar provides a continuously updated database of Amazon "product / keyword" combinations.
  • KTD's Amazon Keyword Tool uses Amazon's autocomplete service or suggest service to find popular Amazon keywords directly from the site in real time. 

What should you consider when optimising content for Amazon?

Page title

The title of your product page should be concise and engaging at the same time.

Product title

Depending on the category, there is a limit of 150-200 characters. If you want the full title to be displayed on mobile devices, however, you should stick to a maximum of 70 characters. This also has a positive effect on the product placement.


In the description of your product, you should present all the important information, but don’t over do it, and use bullet points. Pay attention to the correct categorisation.


Look for great pictures but small file sizes.


Do not forget any basic information such as the shipping method.


Include the correct search terms naturally, without it looking forced.


Monitor the performance of your content and optimise your content accordingly.

Multilingual Amazon content

If your shop is successful here, it’s time to conquer new markets and increase sales. All you need for internationalisation is your existing texts in other target languages. At greatcontent we offer translations into over 30 languages. And thanks to AI-assisted post-editors, it's fast and cheap. The computer takes care of the translating, while native speakers perfect the text.

What is a localisation?

Localisation means that content is not only translated, but also tailored to the target market. This also plays a role for keywords, for example, the direct translation of a word might not necessarily correspond to the word that users in the other country would enter in the search bar.

How do you rank with an Amazon page on Google?

You can also score on Google with high-quality content. Your texts should have a high information density while still being easy, and enjoyable to read. The URL structure is also important. To get a good URL, you should use essential keywords in the product title, but keep them short, because Google prefers title descriptions with a maximum of 65 characters.

Is an Amazon branded shop also good for search engine optimisation on Google?

A brand shop is a kind of mini-website on Amazon where you can create as many individual pages as you want. Most brands chose to do this by product category. The texts for this should contain the correct SEO terms and be professionally written. Branded shops allow you to market your store both on and off Amazon. You can also add a special tag to your branded store’s URL, that provides you with information about your sales, conversations and other marketing metrics.

Amazon SEO Specials

What is the Buy Box?

The Amazon Buy Box is the shopping basket field in the upper right corner of the product page, where the "Add to basket" button is located. Only a seller can win the space directly above the shopping basket field with his product. By clicking on “Add to shopping basket”, buyers can choose their offer directly. It is estimated that sellers under the Buy Box generate around 90% of sales. So whether or not you make it into the shopping basket box can critical affect your sales volume.

How does the Buy Box work?

For mobile users, the 'Buy' button is located directly below the product image, giving whichever seller has the Buy Box a clear advantage on mobile devices.

How do you make it into the Buy Box?

  • You must have had a professional seller account for at least 90 days and complete regular sales.
  • You have to offer new goods
  • Your goods must be available immediately (goods availability: in stock)
  • The price of your product should not significantly exceed the average price of the product in the previous weeks / months.
  • Last but not least: engaging product descriptions.

What is the significance of Prime Day?

Users who take out a Prime membership will receive even better offers on Prime Day. Find your most suitable products and update your product descriptions if necessary.

Sponsored Products?

Sponsored products are cost-per-click (CPC) ads, which is Amazon's versions of Google Adwords. At Amazon, however, promoting products is even easier and cheaper. All you have to do is define a name for the campaign or ad group, a budget and a CPC bid. Amazon then automatically starts to display your product for selected search terms. These search terms can be evaluated via csv. Export via Seller Central or the Sellics PPC Manager Interface.

How does mobile optimisation work?

There are a few differences in Mobile View that you should be aware of:

  1. Only the first 70 characters of the product title are displayed, so choose short titles that contain the most important information.
  2. Only the first seven images are displayed.
  3. The images are displayed smaller. It’s important to choose photos where the product can be easily recognised as it fills the entire image.
  4. Initially, only the first three bullet points are visible.
  5. The ratings appear without comments.
  6. The product description appears in front of the bullet points. This means a convincing product description is even more important.
  7. At first, only the first 200 characters of the product description appear. So make sure the most important information is at the beginning of the text.

To ensure a good ranking on Amazon both nationally and internationally, it’s a good idea to work with professionals. At greatcontent we have a total of over 30,000 linguists, including a lot of Amazon SEO experts. Thanks to post editors, some of which are supported by AI, we can easily offer internationalisation in up to 30 languages.

Together we will catapult your Amazon sales to a record high.

At greatcontent we have a total of over 30,000 linguists, including a lot of Amazon SEO experts. Thanks to post editors, some of which are supported by AI, we can easily offer internationalisation in up to 30 languages.

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