Content-on-demand - how multilingual text purchasing works for agencies

Full-service agencies juggle projects, deadlines and campaigns on behalf of customers. But who actually writes the texts?

Organisation versus production: Effectively delegate tasks

Agencies are the jack-of-all-trades in the marketing world: You juggle projects, deadlines and service providers. Expertly coordinating different trades and delivering impressive results on time is no small task. Balancing several projects concurrently, keeping a watchful eye on the quality of texts, images and digital content, often in multiple languages - this is all at the core of agency business.

In order for this to work smoothly, you need external service providers that you can rely on. At greatcontent we’re flexible and adapt to your processes. We successfully provide the technical infrastructure and a well-coordinated team at all times - on competitive terms. Tight deadlines, complex, multilingual projects? As a content-on-demand agency, we have over ten years of experience.

Content-on-demand for agencies: What can we do for you?

The outsourcing of individual services is part of daily business in agencies. All the necessary resources are not always available in-house, for example, because some staff are temporary. External service providers program the website for the customer, place tailor-made advertising online and/or produce excellent content, much like us.

A content-on-demand agency is the best solution, especially when customers need a large amount of text in a short period of time. You can’t double your internal editorial team at the click of your fingers. Freelance copywriters often don’t have the capacity to write hundreds of documents in a short period of time.

greatcontent draws on a pool of more than 30,000 qualified authors worldwide - and they are just waiting to bring your words to life in the form of target group-specific content.

Who needs content on-demand?

Instead, ask yourself: who doesn’t? Good content is a convincing sales tool - and what's more, the content binds the target group to the company, creates trust, provides information, advice and entertains. This makes content-on-demand one of the most important building blocks in the marketing mix. It helps to win and retain customers and to turn them into brand ambassadors. Can any company do without it?

Whether advertising, web, design, PR, SEO or full-service agencies - good content is at the heart of successful campaigns; without it it's just bits and bytes.

Do it yourself or outsource? Why don't agencies produce their content in-house?

Writing is a craft that needs to be learned. Content-on-demand also poses other challenges. After all, it is not (only) about high-quality, easy-to-read texts, but also about the skilful use of keywords, addressing target groups and perfect integration into the corporate strategy. This requires know-how and - in some cases - high capability, which are often lacking internally.

Building a content team takes time. Something that a lot of projects don’t have within their tight deadlines. This is where greatcontent comes into play: The required resources and the necessary know-how are already in the starting blocks. Services can be booked as desired. While you develop strategies and concepts, we take over the production of the content that you and your customers want. And that includes copywriting.

How do you recognise a serious content-on-demand agency?

Search engine and website optimisation require a wide range of specialist knowledge. On the one hand, this relates to the content-related know-how. On the other hand, good content authors need the creative potential to generate exciting pieces, even from dry topics and briefs, to integrate keywords reliably and to address the target group precisely.

A good content agency has a diverse pool of authors from numerous industries and specialist areas. So you can be sure, we’ve got an expert in your field. Multilingual linguists (copywriters, translators, proofreaders and post-editors) are essential for international websites. In this way, reputable providers generate content in different languages that spread a cohesive message. Experienced writers who understand the importance of keywords and have an understanding of search engine optimisation (SEO) are also indispensable. The submitted texts should go through at least one correction loop in internal editing, quality management or proofreading.

What does good content on-demand cost?

You can’t make a blanket price statement when it comes to ordering content on demand. Numerous factors play a role. This includes the desired language. For example, a Swedish text is more expensive than one in Spanish.

Another factor that affects the price is the quality level: The more experienced the team of authors and the more demanding the text, the higher the budget should be. Greatcontent categorises the team of authors into five levels depending on their education, professional experience and relevant certificates they may have acquired.

greatcontent's Linguist Quality Classification System

Junior Linguist

one to three years of professional experience, optional academic degree


three to five years of professional experience, optional academic degree

Senior Linguist

more than five years of professional experience, academic degree

Expert Linguist

more than five years of professional experience, academic degree in a linguistic, journalistic or marketing subject.

Technical Expert Linguist

 experienced authors with more than five years of professional experience and an academic degree in relevant subjects such as medicine, economics, law or engineering.

The subject of the content also contributes to the individual pricing. Some examples:

  • Simple types of text, for example the service description of a provider.
  • How-to texts that require a lot of research.
  • Hub content, extensive texts including coordination of the tone of voice and precise addressing of the defined buyer persona in a blog article with 800 to 1,000 words.
  • Hero content that requires extensive research, a thorough concept and the strategic examination of the topic and the target group. Examples include white papers and eBooks.

What does content in multiple languages cost?

Internationally operating companies need uniform content in different languages. Specialised agencies do this with the help of sophisticated project processes. A copywriter writes the text in his native language for the respective market. A computerised translation tool translates the text. This is then refined by native-speaking post-editors in the respective target language. In this way you receive linguistically perfect, briefing-compliant and target group-specific international content.

Again, there are factors that can affect pricing: Factors such as the quality level, the desired languages and the complexity of the texts influence the cost.

Multilingual text production: What other solutions are available?

Content in different languages requires the expertise of native speakers. With transcreation, authors from the respective country write your content-on-demand directly in the desired language. In particular, they know the cultural customs, the specific sense of humour, significant terms and colloquialisms.

An example: The Italian sentence "Non tutte le ciambelle escono col buco" literally means: "Not every donut has a hole", which makes little sense in this country. The correct translation is: “Things don't always go according to plan”. There are so many examples of this - and they can only be navigated by authors who have an absolutely sure command of both languages.

Certified translations by qualified translators cost more in comparison, but are invaluable for some text forms. This applies, for example, to legally relevant passages such as the small print.

Content orders: What do you have to pay attention to?

Good texts start their life in the form of precise guidelines. Do you know exactly what you want? Share it with the content agency in as much detail as possible. A detailed briefing is at the core of a successful content project. Define the objectives as clearly and precisely as possible. This is the only way for linguists to know what is important in the respective article. The following applies: There is no such thing as too much detail when it comes to the brief. Explain all the important points from the desired style to the necessary keywords.

How do I keep track of my projects?

The success of a customer project is in the hands of the commissioned agency. But it must remain in control at all times. With greatcontent as an external service provider, this is guaranteed at all times. From the linguist casting to the final acceptance, you can check every single step should you so desire. This ensures that the project is handled just the way you like it, from start to finish.

How does this affect my budget?

Content-on-demand means full cost control - and a simple invoice: A defined amount of text at a certain quality level created at fixed costs. No more and no less. This allows agencies to plan reliably and complete their projects profitably.

Multilingual content, for example, is cheap and fast thanks to the interaction between humans and AI (artificial intelligence): Tools for computer-aided translation, so-called CAT tools, provide the raw translation, native-speaker experts do the fine-tuning and transform the basis into a search engine-optimised, fluid text.

What can agencies do to ensure smooth collaboration?

Teamwork is the magic word: We ensure that your expertise as an agency and our solutions as a content creation agency complement each other in an ideal way. This is how we get your projects on the road together with customised texts.

And what about the offline target groups?

The future belongs to the online market, but print is by no means left behind. Many services continue to take place offline. SEO is used when it comes to these texts. But if you already have high-quality content for print publications, you’d be wasting potential by not using it online. Optimise your offline content for your website straight away.

Do you need excellent texts for your customer projects?

greatcontent is there for you. With more than ten years of experience in creating multilingual content, we are the experts for your text production.

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