Wednesday Gumbo

 I spent a couple of years in Louisiana when I attended LSU.  One of the nice things about south Louisiana is the culture, especially the food.  There’s nothing better in the world than Louisiana cooking.  Like the people who settled Louisiana, and ruled the territory, or province, at various times, the food is a mixed bag.

And, you can’t beat a good gumbo.  It’s basically a soup-like dish that has no rules (other than the roux).  You basically put in whatever you have…duck, fish, chicken, alligator, squirrel, and, if you’ve been fortunate during the previous night’s coon hunt, an owl.  Stew this all together in a roux and some chicken stock, put it over rice, top it off with some filet (pronounced FEE-lay), and you’ve got yourself some good gumbo.

Ahhhh-yeeee!  Laissez les bontemps roulez!

So, here you have the Wednesday morning gumbo…it’s a mixed bag of things that are just random postings.  You’ll probably enjoy if you’re ADD.

1.     Sovereign Grace Music has a new website.  Led by Bob Kauflin, the Sovereign Grace people are providing an incredibly valuable resource for the church today.  Get music, recordings, videos…all in one place.

2.     What happened on Tuesday of Holy Week?  Justin Taylor and Andreas Köstenberger are working on a book together tentatively titled, Jesus’s Final Week: What Really Happened?  Taylor will blog every day this week, so you can follow him.

3.     The Wonderlic Test is given to potential draftees by the NFL to help determine a player’s ability to comprehend and study information.  Morris Claiborne, an LSU football player who is preparing for the upcoming draft, scored a 4.  Perfect score is 50.  Not hating on this guy, because there have been others who didn’t fare as well (Vince Young did poorly, as well.)  Guess he’s been eating too much gumbo!

4.     Yogi Berra quote of the day – a local HS coach was quoted in the newspaper after a big district win.  He states,  “It’s big to win the first one. You can’t win the second and third without winning the first.”  Really?  So, if you lose the first one, do you just pack up because winning the 2nd or 3rd game is not possible?  You know what he means, and I know what he means…to win all three games, you have to win the first one…but, boy, at first glance, this looks like something that came right out of the mouth of Yogi Berra.

5.     Ubaldo Jiminez, the former-Rockies-now-Indians-pitcher, beans a former teammate, Troy Tulowitzki in a spring training game.  Beaning is part of the game, and it’s usually done if a batter shows up a pitcher…like hitting a 450 foot home run and taking a slow, self-aggrandizing trot around the bases…but not if your former teammate gets his contract renewed and you got traded.

Enjoy your gumbo!

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