Two Sides of a Round Ball

The 2012 MLB season has started.  And, all is right with the world.  Now, we can actually watch games, instead of the MLB Network’s Hot Stove.  I’m ready for the first no-hitter, or perfect game, or 450 ft. home run.  I’m ready to see Justin Verlander pitch, and Albert Pujols come up to bat as the go ahead run.  You just gotta wonder what’s going through the pitcher’s head.

One Side of the Ball

Before we start watching more baseball, I’ll say that I’m completely amazed, shocked, and disgusted at what went on Wednesday night in Miami.  The circus that prevailed in the debut of a new name, manager, stadium and uniform was not baseball…it was Barnum & Bailey.

I’m a traditionalist.  I like the Yankee pinstripes, wood bats, and chalk.  Here’s what I dislike:

1.     ShowGirls – they have nothing to do with baseball, but the Marlin’s Master of Ceremonies felt like players should be
escorted – yes, escorted – to their position by showgirls.  Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig, Albert Pujols – guys like that ARE the show. They don’t need girls in big feathers to take them to their position.

2.     Ozzie Guillen – I don’t like him.  Even more, I can’t understand him.  I’ll take Joe Madden or Bobby Cox any day.

3.     The uniforms – my son likes them.  I don’t.  They remind me of the Houston Astro’s uniforms in the ’70’s and ’80’s.  Yeesh!

4.     Muhammad Ali – what’s he got to do with baseball?  I mean, really, he’s a boxer.  He threw out the first pitch.  If we’re trying to do something radical, let’s see Adam Lambert throw out the first pitch.  Now, that would be entertaining!

I don’t like the Miami Marlins.  They’re not baseball.  They put on a big show in their home opener, and seemed to think of everything that would appeal to the Miami fans except for one thing…they lost.

St. Louis Cardinals 4  Miami Marlins 1.

The Other Side of the Ball

On Wednesday night, Oakland HS baseball honored Jack Jolly, the first coach and a baseball legend in Tennessee baseball.  He is what is ‘right’ with baseball.

Oakland High School named its stadium after him.  So, now, the Patriots play at Mack Hawks Field at Jack Jolly Stadium.

You can read the Daily News Journal’s article about the ceremony and the many comments from fans and former players.  This man has had an impact on countless people, and for all the good reasons.


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