The iPad 3 & Worship

A few weeks ago, I got an iPad3.

I’m not an Apple person.  My first computer was a Mac 512K.  Yes, a 512K.  My parents bought it for me to use while studying in the doctoral program at seminary.  It was impressive.

Since then, I’ve been a PC’er.  Not for any particular reason.  That’s just the way it worked out.  Besides, the Apple logo represents the first sin, doesn’t it?  You know, when Eve took a bite of the apple.  I wanted to be religiously correct.  (Even though Dell rhymes with…you know…hell)

In the last few weeks, though, I’ve had to work hard to sync my iPad3, my iPhone 4s, and my iTouch.  I’m…well…more Appl-ey, I guess.  I still dress like the PC guy in the commercial, though.

After a couple of weeks with my iPad3, I will say that I’m ecstatic about this piece of electronic wonderment.

Leading Rehearsals & Worship

The iPad3 has now become my music folder.  Every piece of music that I’m using now, from lead charts to guitar charts to trumpet parts, is on my iPad.  It’s just a swipe and touch away.

The app I use for this is called forScore.  There are many music reader apps out there.  forScore is the one I chose based on reviews of users and the specs listed.  It does a lot, and I’m not even sure I’ve touched the surface.

Once I open my app, I download charts – all in PDF format – into forScore from the Dropbox on my PC.  Once in, I can create files and setlists to keep all my charts organized for each rehearsal.  And, once rehearsal starts, I open forScore, go to my rehearsal file, and touch on the chart file.  And, there it is.  A touch in the lower right hand corner turns my page quickly.

Here are a few other things about For Score I’ve discovered and use:

Metronome:  tap the icon at the top and a metronome drops down.  I set the beats per minute and touch audible, which gives audible clicks, or visual, which makes the outline of the chart pulse in the tempo I’ve selected (reminds me of a headache I had one time).

Setlists:  helps me organize my charts for worship choir rehearsal or the Sunday meeting, including Scripture.

Links: these are identifiers that are placed on the page if I want to skip multiple pages in a score.   There’s also a way to set the pages of the chart so that you don’t page back…only forward.  You can also rearrange pages in your chart to accomplish the same thing.

Bells & Whistles:  there’s a piano keyboard that you can pop up at the bottom of your chart, as well as a pitch pipe.

There are many, many other options available in forScore for those who will read music from this device.  I look forward to discovering these as I go.

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