A Biblical Response to Daniel Helminiak

A few days ago, a friend emailed a link to a post written by the quasi-Catholic priest, Daniel Helminiak.  It was posted on CNN’s Belief Blog and was titled My Take: What the Bible Really Says about Homosexuality.  I was amazed less at Helminiak’s comments about homosexuality, and more at his arguments and misinterpretation of the Bible.

As I prepared to write out my response to Heminiak and his article to my friend, I received in my inbox, gladly, the very thorough refutation of Helminak’s article by Kevin DeYoung.  DeYoung, author, blogger, and pastor, is much more skilled and able than I to respond to Helminiak’s article.

So, after you read Helminiak’s article, read DeYoung’s thorough response: What the Bible Really Still Says about Homosexuality.


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2 responses to “A Biblical Response to Daniel Helminiak

  1. stan novacki

    Hi Mark:

    you lost me at ‘quasi.’

    Dr. Helminiak was ordained a Roman Catholic priest but no longer administers the Sacraments. It’s unclear what you are trying to say: that he has has been suspended, or laicizied, or resigned from his office, relieved of his priestly duties, or excommunicated, or what?

    I feel you do yourself (and indeed all of us seeking a deeper understanding of Scripture and its origins) a disservice by not simply and factually reporting his actual state within the Church, whatever that might be.

    Someone – like me, for example – who is looking for reasoned discourse and not mere diatribe would be disinclined to follow your link to Pastor DeYoung’s rebuttal simply by virtue of your qualitied reference to Helminiak’s orders. Of course, if your intent were to deliberately inject criticism in the reference, I certainly respect your right to do so.

    I still won’t follow the link though 😉

    • Stan:

      I appreciate your response to my blog post. I apologize for the lengthy delay in responding.

      My reference to Helminiak as a ‘quasi priest’ is meant to highlight the fact that he, as an ordained, set-apart, minister of the gospel has twisted and turned Scripture to support his view of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. He performs significant theological gymnastics with Scripture to prove his point. Orthodox Christians would not agree with him, and I include in that group his Roman Catholic brethren. It seems to me that such an opportunity to lead his followers to right and correct interpretation of the Scriptures is missed. Thus, an overseer/bishop/shepherd has missed the mark.

      The article by DeYoung that I linked to is quite clear in handling the examples that Helminiak uses. I agree with DeYoung, as would most orthodox believers. I do hope you’ll read it.

      Like you, I want reasoned discourse in these matters and would be happy to discuss this further.

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