We Need the Gospel in TSSAA Spring Fling.

Not sure that anyone has noticed, but I’ve not blogged that past 2 days.  I fully intended to blog these past two days, but the gargantuan, six-headed monster known as TSSAA Spring Fling has been going on this week in Murfreesboro.  I’ve been a wee bit occupied.

For those who don’t know, Spring Fling is the Olympic-style event sponsored by the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association.  The week features state championships in baseball, softball, track & field, team tennis, individual tennis, and soccer.  It is an all-encompassing event in Rutherford County, and requires a gazillion volunteers to make it work.

Oakland HS hosts part of the baseball tournament.  And, as president of the baseball booster club at Oakland HS, it’s my job not only to work the event at Oakland, but also to organize our booster club members to work.  We have people who take off work to help with parking, gate admissions, concessions stand, hospitality, cleaning restrooms, removing trash, and on and on.

It’s our job to make sure the participants and their fans have a great experience.

Apparently, it’s their job to make sure we don’t.

Yet, in the midst of tiresome days, I have stepped back and observed, in this event, what I see as a microcosm of mankind in need of the Gospel.  No matter who you are or what you believe, the saving grace of Jesus Christ is needed by, not just those attending Spring Fling, but me, you and everyone else.

1.     People are sinful.  We choose to do the wrong thing.  It’s the choice that is contrary to the holiness of God.  At Spring Fling, to avoid paying parking or entry fees, people will knowingly park out of approved areas, climb fences, lie about their hand stamp, and so on.  Despite knowing the rules, and the guidelines, people will do whatever it takes to circumvent the rules.

2.     People serve the idol of self.  For many, everything is about “me”.  I’ve seen that this week.  The “me” is more important than anything else.  Those who have come to Spring Fling have, more often than not, complained bitterly when they have been inconvenienced, or when the rules were not bent in their favor, or, in the case of a few in our booster club, when they’ve been asked to sacrifice time and effort for the good of the whole, yet choose not to.

3.     People won’t forgive.  Inevitably, there will be disagreements, miscommunication, and bad decisions.  What I’ve seen is that, many times, after an apology is given, or an explanation is presented, people seem to revel in that fact that they are the victim and are owed much more than an apology.  The very people in need of grace won’t give it.  They harbor resentment and that turns into hatred.

I will concede that I’m tired.  I will also concede that there are many people who attend and work this event who do not display much of what I’ve described, who have displayed selfless commitment and sought to exhibit grace in everything.  I also concede that I am a person in need of grace.

This week has affirmed to me that we are all sinful people who choose, more often than not, wrongly because of our desire to elevate self above the anything else.

This week affirms, too, my thankfulness for a Savior who has given me grace, because left to my own desires, I will choose wrongly.  Yet, hopefully, because of his forgiveness, and his love, I will strive to reflect that in the way I treat others and live my life daily.

I’m still failing miserably, though, with that one umpire!  Maybe after this week, I can fix week that.

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  1. Life is good when Jesus is there, Not so good when he is not. May his kingdom come may his will be done, in all the world. Thanks for a great article.

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