Wednesday Gumbo

Here we go, cher!

Some o’dis, an’ some o’dat!

1.     Baseball is America’s game.  And, it’s about to heat up.  College baseball is exceeded in its perfection only by youth baseball.  Here’s the NCAA College Baseball Bracket.

2.     My oldest son, Griffin, leaves this morning to play baseball this summer in Long Island, NY.  He’ll play for the Center Moriches Battlecats in the Hamptons Division of the Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League.  What an adventure!

3.     Here are 31 acronyms you may or may not have ever wondered about.

4.    Is Jesus God or man?  The Nicene Council clarified the matter and produced a creed that is still used by many today.

5.     The construction of an Islamic mosque in Murfreesboro, TN, has been halted.

6.     So far, this is the play of the year in any baseball game.  It was the last out of the game.

7.     Justin Holcomb answers the question, “God saved you…now, what are you going to do for Him?”

8.     Here’s a tv show you’ve got to watch.  It’s called Duck Dynasty, and it comes on A&E at 9:00 pm.   It’s like “Swamp People”, but with ducks.

8.     And, finally, a little piece of heaven on earth.  It’s the Firehole River…a place full of memories and rainbow trout.

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  1. I always enjoy Wed Gumbo..Thanx Dr Moore!

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