Wednesday Gumbo

Aiyeee!  It’s time for that mix of everything that we call Wednesday Gumbo.

Some o’dis, and some o’dat!

1.     The College World Series is set.  You’ve got everything from Florida and South Carolina to Stony Brook and Kent State.  Should be fun to watch…and, for the record, I’m a Seawolf fan starting this weekend!

Here’s the interactive bracket

History of the CWS and past winners

A History of Rosenblatt Stadium

The New Staidum: TD Ameritrade Park

2.     5 Reasons Muslims Convert

3.     All Gummed Up.  Here’s one guy’s list of top 10 uniform pranks.

4.    Jason Lee shares 5 Lessons about Manhood I Learned from My Dad

5.     From the FlipFlopFlyBall website…

Five Things I Could Do with a Certain Degree of Confidence Were I to Be Named in Tonight’s Yankees Line-up

Swing my bat standing in the on-deck circle
Tap the catcher’s shin guards with my bat
Have my rear-end patted by the first base coach
Chat with the first baseman
Argue with the umpire

5.     Some classic spring training photos from SI.Com.  These start in the ’20’s and end in the modern era.

6.     Why do umpires throw out baseballs with the least little scuff on them?  In Whatever Happened to the Spitball, Jonah Keri tells us there’s a reason they do it, and it began way back in the early days of baseball when pitchers doctored a baseball to get an advantage.  Says Mike Maddux, pitching coach for the Texas Rangers,

“Them outlawing the spitball is just part of evolution of the game that’s all been pro-hitter,” mused Maddux. “Lowering the mound, tightening the zone, smaller parks, throwing the ball out when it hits the mound, because you can’t have any scuff on it.”

Maddux says he would never teach his charges how to throw a spitter or a greaseball, that he and the Rangers promote doing everything possible to survive and thrive as pitchers, so long as it’s legal.


“It’s a lost art, man,” he chuckled. “It was pretty fun when guys did whatever it took.”

7.     And, finally, a little bit of heaven on earth.

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