Wednesday Gumbo

It’s time for the Wednesday faire of a little bit of everything.

Some o’dis, and some o’dat, cher!

1.     This guy is having a rough time.  He’s been described as “being the best in the world at being incredibly bad at pitching.”

2.     Three Missions experts talk about short-term mission trips.  One expert stated:

If you’re primarily using a short-term trip to build awareness and engage people in mission, stay local. Research shows that you do not increase understanding about mission and culture more by going abroad than you do by serving nearby in a diverse neighborhood. But if your travel is tied to a larger missions initiative with overseas partners, the trip might be worth thinking about.

3.     Cal Ripken, Jr, address three concerns: questioning the coach about playing time, travel baseball, and fall baseball.

4.     When I first saw the picture of the Gajda, I thought this was by far the strangest musical instrument ever!  The “Serpent” may run a close second.

5.     We sing the Gospel Song in our church from time to time.  It’s a concise presentation of the Holy God becoming perfect man, dying on the cross to bear my blame so that I might live again.  Here’s an animation of the song.  John Piper contributes as well.

6.     Trevor Bauer (UCLA), the 3rd overall pick in the 2011 MLB draft, was a quirky collegiate pitcher who would always throw his first warm up half-way up the backstop on purpose, is scheduled to get his first big league start tomorrow night.

7.    And, finally, a little bit of heaven on earth.  It’s a rain storm…Lord, send us rain.

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