Baseball and Billy Sunday

When I was a kid sitting about half-way back in the sanctuary at Antioch Baptist Church, I remember our preacher – or maybe it was someone preaching in a revival – telling a story about some guy named Billy Sunday.

Billy Sunday.

With a name like that, a guy had to be a preacher.  Or, a bank robber.

The story was told that Sunday was preaching, and as he came to the end of his sermon, he ran out into the congregation, yelling and waving as he went.  As he reached his final crescendo, he took off running to the altar and slid into the pulpit, standing to proclaim, in baseball verbiage, that he was home safe.

What I would give to see that.

Apparently, Billy Sunday, who started his baseball days with the Chicago White Stockings in 1883, and who was apparently a base stealing fiend, was converted to Christianity and became a well-known preacher.  Quite the story.

Billy Sunday: A Biography

Billy Sunday’s baseball stats

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