Wednesday Gumbo


It’s Wednesday, and time for that mid-week collection of the unusual and interesting.

Some o’dis, and some o’dat, cher!

1.     “Cup check!”  If you’ve played baseball, you’ve heard that shouted across the field at some poor guy who was fielding a ball and it bounced up and hit him…you know…there.  While this is a delicate issue to address, this is a blog about baseball, and people need to know.  Here’s why it hurts so much.

2.     Here are 6 things we can agree on in regard to the image of God.

3.     Justin Taylor calls it idolatry.  Rod Dreher, in The Spotless Bride of JoePa, clarifies the fundamental problem in the Penn State/Sandusky mess.  In it, he says,

What eluded Paterno, and what is crystal-clear from the Freeh report, is that the quasi-religious reverence with which the football program was held within the culture of the university, and in particular the secular godlike authority granted to Paterno, made this horrifying scandal possible. When the perceived good of the institution (Penn State football) is taken as the absolute end to which everything must direct itself, this is what you get.

4.     Years ago…actually, many years ago, I would be surfing the TV channels (you know, when you actually had to get up and turn the big knob) and stumble across a guy on PBS painting.  It was hypnotic.  The voice of the painter was always calm, relaxing, and subdued.  As he painted, his brush would show with ease and clarity how to paint “a happy tree”, or “a happy cloud.”  Bob Ross was the painter…and what happened to all of his paintings?

5.     On July 8, 1741, Jonathan Edwards preached the now famous sermon, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.  Edwards, who preached in the Great Awakening, and who was, briefly, president of Princeton, is recognized as one of the greatest preachers and presenters of the Gospel in American history.

6.     I just finished reading John Grisham’s recently released book, Calico Joe.  It’s a baseball book, or rather, a book that uses baseball to celebrate the act of forgiveness.  For you baseball junkies, it deals with “The Code”, the unwritten rules of pitchers who retaliate against batters.  In the end, though, the grander picture is one of forgiveness and lesson in living your life well.  I recommend it.

7.     And, finally, a little bit of heaven on earth.

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