Wednesday Gumbo: Hillary, Harper and Chris Massaro

It’s Wednesday, and time for the marvelous mix of a little bit of everything.

Some o’dis and some o’dat!

1.     Here’s yet another chapter of Bryce Harper’s first year in the MLB.  He strikes out, then breaks his bat on home plate.  Bryce, the idea here is to hit the ball, not the plate.  And, for those of us who have to purchase bats, we’d appreciate it if you’d just send us the bat if you’re not going to use it.

2.     In the 2012 Summer Olympics, German weightlifter Mathias Steiner drops 420 lbs. on back of his neck.  And, Bob Costas responds, “Don’t try this at home.”  Ok, Bob, I think we can figure that one out.

3.     From the “Hey y’all, watch this” department, Olympic German diver, Stephan Feck, does a back flop in springboard diving competition.  If he were in south Mississippi, this would have gotten him a 10 and maybe a six-pack.  I’m still waiting for someone do a ‘cannonball’…isn’t that a legitimate dive?

4.     They’ve been using these miniature cars in the Field competition in the 2012 Olympics.  They use them to return the javelins and the discus to the point of origin.  The full-size version of these cars, which aren’t much bigger, used to be manufactured in England.  But, BMW makes them now.  And, there’s a bit of controversy because there’s not supposed to be any sort of advertising in the Olympics, or any kind of Olympic endorsements.

5.     The headlines read, “Pedroia ejected, Red Sox dejected.”  Dustin Pedroia, the 2B for the Boston Red Sox was ejected after he argued that he checked his swing while batting in the 8th inning of the Red Sox loss to the Rangers.  Pedroia probably had a right to argue, because it looks like the ump blew the call.  The funniest part, though, is when pseudo-manager Bobby Valentine goes out to defend his player and try to do the noble thing, which is to get ejected himself.  It’s part of what a manager does.  Yet, Valentine couldn’t even do that right.

6.     Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attends a dinner hosted by the South African Foreign Minister.  You can see the video here, but I’ll warn you…this is 2 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back.  Yeesh!

7.       And, finally, MTSU Athletic Director Chris Massaro needs to do the right thing and name Jim McGuire head baseball coach at MTSU.  Everyone on the planet knows it’s the right thing to do, but Massaro is over-thinking this one.  If Chris needs proof, just go to the MTSU baseball site.  It says,

One of the most respected and knowledgeable coaches in the collegiate ranks…McGuire was elevated following the 2000 season to associate head coach.

So, Chris, as the athletic director, it goes without saying that you are ultimately responsible for all things that are MTSU athletics, hence the title ‘director’.  That means, too, that you approve and, thus, endorse all information on the MTSU athletics website.  If the website states that McGuire is “one of the most respected and knowledgeable coaches” in college baseball, then why haven’t you already named him the head coach?  After all, the head coach retired…wouldn’t it follow that the associate head coach would assume the duties.

C’mon Chris.  Do the smart thing…the right thing.

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