Wednesday Gumbo: Some o’dis and some ‘dat

It’s Wednesday!

That means it’s time to stir the pot and see what we can add that’ll make things a bit more interesting.

1.     Cal Ripken, Jr., baseball’s Iron Man, talks about turning 52, yet still being active.  A great inspiration for guys like me and Mike Lee, who recommended this article to me.  Not sure what he was implying…!

2.     If you’ve had to tackle the issue of inconsistencies between the Old and New Testaments, Tim Keller gives great insight here.

3.     A ranking of the U.S. cities with the most faith.  The number one city ain’t in the south!

4.     Thomas Lake, a writer at, calls out Michael Jordan for his treatment, or lack of it, of his high school coach Pop Herring.  After reading this, I would say Lake has a point, and Michael needs to man up.

5.     R.C. Sproul tells us there are two worldviews – theism and atheism.  And, all of us exist somewhere between the two.

6.     As a baseball coach, I can say that I’ve been ejected from baseball games in three different states.  Furthermore, none were my doing; the umpire was wrong in every case!  This video is inspiring!

7.     Mississippi, my home state, finally leads the nation in something.  Moving to Tennessee hasn’t helped me one bit!

8.    C.J. Wilson’s night ends as he tries to catch a line drive with his throwing hand.

9.     And, finally, a little bit of heaven on earth.

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