Obama & Romney: The Inmates are Running the Asylum

I’m tired.

And, it’s only August.

The presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have become tiresome.  And, we’ve got over 2 months until the election.

Call me bitter.  Call me negative.  Call me part of the problem.  Better yet, don’t call me.  I’ll have nothing good to say to anyone who asks.  And, I haven’t even watched one minute of Fox News.  I got this way on my own.

The campaigns of the two politicians vying for the White House have degenerated into what resembles a couple of school girls arguing on the playground about who has the prettier dress.  Pointless.  Immature.  And, even more, it’s dumb politics.

While I’m not as politically astute or involved as some, I can appreciate a candidate who tells me what he’s done and what he plans to do.  As a voter, I want intelligent information so that I can make my decision and feel good about my vote.  And, don’t mask your ideas in gross over-generalizations like “hope” and “prosperity” and “moving forward.”  I need details.  There are significant issues I’m facing, and I’ve arrived in the front yard of retirement.  I need a candidate that will make policy that safeguards my idea of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”   I can’t imagine my idea would be fundamentally different from most people.  You know, live in peace while being able to afford some of the comforts of life.

Before you lob in a few volleys, let me say that I’m fully aware of those who don’t live in peace and can’t afford the comforts of life.  For whatever reason, their life isn’t as ideal as what we hope for.  So, I need to know from the candidates what their plan is for the lives of people who struggle deeply.

Maybe I’m a “pollyanna” and imagine that our presidential candidates (and congress men and women) can rise above the fray and lead us.  An approach might be to admit there are problems, and agree – or at least compromise – on a solution.  Let’s put the well-being of this nation above the desire for office and power, of party policy, and self-aggrandizement.

President Obama…tell us what you’ve done and what you will do to make the lives of the citizens better if elected for a second term.  Governor Romney…tell us what you’ve done and what your plan is for the success of the people of this nation.  And, most of all, both of you need to stop slinging mud, and whining, and attacking and, instead, build your case for why you should be the next president of the United States.  As for Joe Biden…you need to do Obama a favor and just go away.  You make Dan Quayle look like a genius.

So, please.  Somebody lead.  Somebody let these last few days be something that resembles the dignity and honor that the national public office once held.  Otherwise, you are more the problem than the solution.  And that, gentlemen, is what’s known as the inmates running the asylum.

So…we need intelligent information.

I’m waiting.


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4 responses to “Obama & Romney: The Inmates are Running the Asylum

  1. pjm

    This was a very good blog. You are exactly right. It’s like voting for the lesser of two evils. But one thing I am praying for is that Barack Obama
    gets evicted from the White House.

    • Sam Spradling

      Good blog, and yes you are right about the inmates , maybe the debates will give more clarity on the real issues and solutions.

  2. Tommy Thompson

    Mark, once consistent fact I’ve noticed in any organization in which I’ve ever participated is that the great majority of people want to be led- they crave leadership. We really are like sheep, just like the Bible tells us. The problem is we have a shortage of skilled secular shepherds who will be servant leaders and lead from the front and by example. This problem plays out in everyday life and it is certainly playing out in this election right now. I’m expecting an ad in the near future in which one of the candidates declares, “Well I”m rubber and you’re glue…What you say bounces off me and sticks to you!”. Good blog.

  3. Bethany

    I am so sick of politics! This election has caused Christians to not act very Christlike at times. I wish we could focus on being kind to one another…telling the truth…loving thy neighbor and being as concerned about spreading the Gospel as we are about taxes and so forth. Let us not forget that God is in control. Don’t trust the Internet, Facebook, the news or even a good blog by Dr. Moore…pray that God will reveal truth and guide you on election day and every day.

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