Test of Fire: “significant Christian influence” on government

Wayne Grudem, author of Politics According to the Bible, states that “significant Christian influence” is the best approach to impact our government according to God’s moral standards and God’s purposes for government as revealed in the Bible.  And, while doing so, Christians must insist on protecting religious freedom for all citizens.

This video is a demonstration of how Christians can significantly influence our government.

It’s a simple process…vote.


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2 responses to “Test of Fire: “significant Christian influence” on government

  1. Jan Hubbard

    I always tell my friends and family,” If you don’t vote every election, YOU have no right to complain.” That ballet is your ticket to positive and negative politic talk.

  2. Jan,
    I don’t know if I agree with the idea that people do not have a right to complain if they don’t vote. While I do vote (and complain), I know many people who believe that electoral politics are systematically rigged, and therefore, they refuse to perpetuate the corruption by partaking in elections. These people can make some good arguments for their claims–the “Citizens United” decision being one of them–although they are usually dismissed for being too radical.

    What I think their argument boils down to, is that the two-party system that our country utilizes, is so deeply entrenched legislatively, financially, and culturally, that Americans will forever be forced to accept the inherent problems that come with that system: corruption, partisanism, career politicians, etc. If someone chooses not to participate in what they see as something evil, I respect them for that. If they refuse to vote out of laziness, that is a different story, and I bet these folks comprise the majority of complainers.

    America is great because we have freedom of speech (i.e. freedom to complain) whether we vote or not.

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