Wednesday Gumbo: politics

Wednesday Gumbo makes a rousing return to the blog after being lost in the wilderness.

This week’s edition gives plenty of political links to enjoy…or make you mad!

Some o’dis and some o’dat!

1.     Denny Burk provides a link to a video where Doug Wilson recently debated R. Clarke Cooper, Executive Director of Log Cabin Republicans. The event was sponsored by Collegiate Reformed Fellowship at the University of Idaho, and it addressed this question: “Do Gay Rights Conflict with Conservative Christian Values?”

2.     The website On the Issues: Every Political Leader on Every Issue gives us the Vote Match Quiz.  Answer the questions regarding the issues and see which candidate represents your opinions.

3.     Hobby Lobby, a nationwide Christian-owned craft store, sues the federal government over the healthcare mandate.

4.     A worker in New York is fired for wearing an “I ‘heart’ Jesus” lanyard.  Is this different from wearing a turban, or a yarmulke?

5.     In a lawsuit earlier this year, the U.S. EEOC alleges that an Oklahoma lighting company refused to hire a qualified applicant because he wasn’t Christian enough.

6.     Regarding the 2012 election, Al Mohler states, “These two platforms present two contradictory understandings of realities as basic as human life, liberty, and the institution of marriage.  Though the two parties have taken opposing positions on many of these issues for years, the radical nature of this current polarization is new..”  Read the rest here.


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  1. Scott Lang

    I just took the “Vote Quiz” and no surprise who I match up with politically. The surprise was when I scrolled to the bottom of the scoring page and noted a link to the “Official Obama” website. Go figure.

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