Wednesday Gumbo

It’s time for that mid-week concoction known as Wednesday’s Gumbo…a little bit o’dis, and a little bit o’dat!

1.     Most Christians will say that the media treats religion unfairly.  Sarah Bailey offers some insight:

The skepticism runs deeply in response to perceptions Americans feel about how the media treats religion. Just 19 percent of Americans say the news media is friendly to religion, a poll from the Pew Center found in a March 2012 survey. Skepticism of the media seems to run deeper for evangelicals, at least when reporters cover religion. About half of evangelicals believe the press is “unfriendly” to religion, compared to 35 percent of Americans overall. The result can be a tendency for media consumers to read only those we agree with or ideas we want to affirm.

At the end of the article, she concludes:

The discerning reader can check to see whether a particular media report quotes several sources and attempts to capture all sides. The thorough reader will read a wide variety of sources from different persuasions to uncover nuances in the news. The wise reader will remember that we serve a powerful God who provides us hope as we watch a fallen world’s history unfold.

Read the entire article here.

2.     David French offers a perspective entitled “Why is This Election Close? Big Government and Delegated Virtue.”

Big government is attractive not merely to those receiving benefits, but also to idealists on the other end of the economic spectrum. For them, big government represents delegated virtue — it’s a way to take care of the poor, the elderly, the disabled without, you know, actually doing anything yourself.

3.     Jonah Goldberg, who is quickly becoming a personal favorite, presents some food for thought in his editorial, “The Dumbest Anchormen: Or Do They Willfully Slander Republicans?”  He says,

What’s the difference between Chris Matthews and Ron Burgundy? Answer: One is a pompous, self-absorbed, often-in-error-but-never-in-doubt blowhard impervious to facts and logic. The other has a really bushy mustache.

4.    In his blog Politic DiscourseJason Palmer gives us the good, bad and ugly of the presidential campaigns thus far.

5.     The newly-discovered Coptic fragment of manuscript recently presented to the world created a bit of a stir…for about 2 hours.  It has since been discounted.  Here’s the most thorough explanation I’ve seen so far.

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