The Referees (and other things that can be replaced.)

The Replacement Referee issue has occupied much of the talk around the water cooler, on talk radio, and ESPN.  So much so, that I’ve become tired of it.

As I drive down the road, I tell the people inside my radio to move on.  It’s on everything from Sports Talk to National Public Radio.  We get it.  The Packers got…well…you know…the bad end of the deal on the game ending call in their game Sunday night.  And, people who placed bets on the game are screaming that it wasn’t fair.  But, the Packers knew going in, as did the bettors, that replacement referees were part of the game.  The call in the endzone was wrong, unfortunate, and costly.  But, life goes on and in the big picture, it really doesn’t matter.

I saw a video yesterday that got me to thinking.  I’m sure you’ve seen it too, but just in case, here’s the “replacement weather guy.”

After seeing the ‘weather guy’ video, I started thinking.

What are some other things that can be replaced?

Your house.  The stuff in your house.  Your car.  The stuff in your car.   A dog that won’t hunt.  Your kidneys.  The tires on your car.  Any elected official.  An iPhone.  A 42″ TV.  Any kind of cat.  The milk in the ‘fridge.  The NFL referees.  Hockey.  The Winter Olympics.

And, the list can go on and on.  Basically, these are things that make our life easier, more comfortable, or that irritate us.  All can be replaced with something intrinsically more valuable.

These are things that cannot be replaced.

You.  Your spouse.  Your kids.  Your family.  Good memories.  A perfect pair of jeans.  A good, loyal dog.  Thanksgiving.  Christmas.  The smell and feel of an old baseball glove.  A pocket knife.  The song.  The first sound of your newborn child.  A cool, spring night.  A crisp, fall morning.  A sunrise in a frosty deer stand.  A rising trout.  The perfect groove.  A perfect slider.  The sweet spot of a baseball bat.

I’m sure you can think of more.  Yet, even as valuable as those things are, there are still things that you absolutely cannot replace, so work hard on not losing these things.

Your character.  Your honor.  Your word.

So, as talking heads quibble about the sorry state of affairs in the NFL, remember what really matters.  Remember well what really cannot be replaced.


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2 responses to “The Referees (and other things that can be replaced.)

  1. “replacement weather guy” – Priceless!

    “A dog that won’t hunt” – Love it!
    “Any kind of cat” – Love it!

    GOD – Everlasting and certainly not replaceable!

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