Wednesday Gumbo: the Donald, Cheeseburgers, and Christian Karma

It’s Wednesday, and time for that wonderful mix of news gumbo.

“Some o’dis and some o’dat, cher!”

1.     Justin Taylor, in Dual Citizens: Getting Oriented During Election Season, gives good insight regarding the upcoming election and our role as Christians.

We are dual citizens, responsible and active members of both God’s spiritual kingdom and earthly kingdom. And if we seek to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, and strength—and to love our neighbor as ourselves—then we should care to some degree about politics and elections and the role of government in our land.

2.     It could be a sign of the apocalypse – Donald Trump advising Christians on what to do.

It’s high time that Christians toughen up a bit. Christians shouldn’t be malicious, but they also shouldn’t let people run all over them.

3.     I see it all the time.  As a matter of fact, I’ve even experienced it.  Want God to bless you?…start reading your Bible and going to church.  My friend, Mike Lee, has an interesting perspective on Christian Karma.

Many Christians believe God operates on a cause and effect basis. But the reality is that God operates on mercy and grace. God doesn’t give us what we deserve (mercy) and gives us what we don’t deserve (grace).

4.     In God, Mammon, and Leviathan, Lee Habeeb tells us how big government is trying to take the place of church.

5.     Heath Lambert tells us in Weight Loss, Fear, and Eating Cheeseburgers for the Glory of God what drives us to eat salads and exercise and worship the latest diet regimen.  It’s called fear.

We’re afraid we’re going to die. And we’re afraid people will think we don’t look good.


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