Wednesday Gumbo: Biden’s Religion and Holliday’s Base Running

It’s that time again…the delectable cornucopia of news and information that’s the perfect recipe for Wednesday’s Gumbo.

1.     Here’s a lesson for all of us who are, shall I say, religious.  In Joe Biden’s Religion: Catholicism or Leftism, Dennis Prager lines out some interesting thoughts on government leaders, their religious views, and morality.

2.     John Starke offers a renewed look at the mystery of baptism in Church Practices and Public Life: A Baptism Stuffed Full of Orthodoxy.  He says,

Where mainline Christians have gone wrong is to provide a baptism that no longer signifies a union to the death and resurrection of Christ, but only merely “new beginnings.” It doesn’t project our yearnings for the world to come, but for the world to “come of age,” adopting the optimism of the “secular city” and abandoning the hope of a New Jerusalem.

3.     In the NLCS, the Giants and Cardinals are going at it.  And, right in the middle is Matt Holliday’s aggressive play.  On Monday night, he took out Marco Scutaro to break up a double play.  And, the Giants are miffed.  For good reason, last year, the Giants lost their catcher, Buster Posey, to an aggressive base running collision at home plate, knocking him out for the season.

4.     It’s time to take a stand for religious freedom.  Apparently, some politicians are doing just that.

5.     This one’s kind of odd…a church in New York City has to cancel Halloween festivities because of the ‘Occupy’ protesters.  Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

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