Wednesday Gumbo: Best & Worst, a Romney Landslide, and What not to Do When You’re Drunk


It’s gumbo time, cher!  A little bit of everything…some o’dis and some o’dat!

1.     In The Benghazi Bungles, Doug Wilson clarifies what happened in and around Libya on September 11.  And, he lets us know that Romney will win in a landslide.

Right now the president can point to the polls as evidence of a country divided right down the middle. This means that he has a certain amount of political cover for his stonewalling on the story. But if I am right about how the presidential election is going to go, and it is a Romney landslide, this means there will have been a massive repudiation of Obama on the merits, and then the scandal will erupt, full force, in the first few weeks of his time as a lame duck. This will make him the lame duck of all lame ducks — still responsible, and unable to defend himself as he is doing now.

2.     The 1st Annual Best/Worst of College Football Uniforms.  In an age when when everyone is trying to “one up” the other, some just don’t get it right.

3.     Should Pastors, Religious Leaders Endorse Political Candidates? It’s a tricky question, but religious leaders have rights, too.

While the decision to endorse depends on the merits of the competing candidates in any given race, there is a need for pastors to bring their biblical knowledge and training to thorny cultural and social issues. I think pastors should feel free to instruct their congregations regarding a biblical world view and its implications on all aspects of life – including politics.

4.     Denny Burk, an assistant professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and an obvious LSU fan, gives My Prediction about LSU vs. Alabama.  He says,

In order to win this game, LSU would have to do some things that it has been unable to do all year against teams that are far less capable than Alabama. LSU would have to play with no mistakes. No turnovers. No penalties. No short offensive drives. LSU’s defense has the ability to perform against a team like Alabama, but they cannot hold indefinitely if the offense doesn’t perform. LSU cannot rely on the running game alone but would have to have an efficient passing game as well.

5.     If you choose to get inebriated, and I assume this guy was, please don’t wander onto a football field in the middle of a game.

6.     Are you a fundamentalist? An evangelical?  Do you even know?  In Halloween and Evangelical Identity, Russell Moore makes use of halloween to show us the differences.

7.     There are some interesting points in When Church and State Collide: The Supreme Court goes to Mass.  The article is summed up by saying,

…if any religious body—Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or you-name-it—imposes upon political leaders some supposed necessity to attend its own worship service in order to be considered legitimate, beware.

8.  In the 2013 season, the Houston Astros will switch leagues, moving from the National to the American.  In an effort to regain some relevance, they’re going back to an older logo, revised, of course.  And, it was leaked to the public before its official announcement.  You saw it here first!

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