The King of All Cheap Shots

As the title of the video says, this is a really, really cheap shot.  And, while the intention of the video is to show the cheap shot, several other questions and comments come to mind.

1.     What happened in the play at 1B?  I can only surmise that the first baseman fielded the bunt and then used excessive force when applying the tag to the runner.  Regardless, it appears that the 1B coach is the one who initially comes after the first baseman.

2.     In all the hubbub at 1B, no one noticed that the runner who scored – didn’t score!  It looks like he may very well have missed stepping on the plate.

3.     In a tight game like this – in the 9th inning – why would a runner not step in the middle of the plate to make it clear that he did, in fact, score?  Why leave anything open for interpretation?

4.     Know your surroundings.  When a melee breaks out, keep your head on a swivel to watch for guys who want to take a cheap shot.

5.     I wonder what the runner at 2B did/said to the left fielder for the opposing team.  He had to have done something, because no person would take a shot like that just for kicks.  You’ll notice that the left fielder – instead of running to the action in the infield, makes it his purpose to go after the runner on 2B, then circle in to the action in the infield.  Must have been a girl involved.

6.     Why did no one in the stands see the cheap shot at 2B?  Many teams set up a stationary camera to video the game for analysis afterwards, so no one was physically at the camera.  People…we gotta be more aware!

Well, here’s the video.

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  1. Not to mention all the colorful language…and how about that song, as if it was entertainment (The brawl). “What happened? He rolled his ankle a little bit.” Really.

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