Wednesday Gumbo: Yoda, Marriage, and the Infield (Outfield) Fly Rule

Well, here we are…hungover from election night smack dab in the middle of the week.  That means it’s time for that wonderful mix of gumbo…

…some o’dis and some ‘dat, cher!

1.     With the recent purchase of Star Wars by Disney, it’s only appropriate that we see the ‘Yoda-fication’ of several Disney characters here.  Here’s one – from the movie Bambi – that I thought was particularly good:

Be with you anymore your mother cannot.

2.     From Dr. David Manner comes a Modern Worship Lexicon – a glossary of terms that describes certain events and attitudes in contemporary worship.  I’ve saw this one just last Sunday:

Worshapathy – for definition see:  Middle School boy or Senior Adult man.

3.     From the Opinion page of The New York Times comes this article regarding The End of ‘Marriage’.  As I read it, I experienced the same feeling I have when I see a car wreck – pain and nausea, but I can’t look away.  Essentially, the article addresses the issues of care-giving, benefits, rights and protection within units (families).  The solution is government privatization of ‘marriage’ – in essence, legal and civil unions for everyone.  Here’s a short clip:

While many marriage privatizers are anxious to limit state control over sexual intimacy between adults, they seem to forget the importance of state regulation in protecting the fundamental rights of those whose intimate social relationships become abusive, coercive and exploitative. Public regulation of marriage is critical for protecting vulnerable citizens in such situations. Public reform of marriage is also critical for improving the general social condition of women and children in many countries today, as well as the social standing of lesbians and gay men. Having the state regulate only civil unions is much less certain to accomplish profound social change.

4.     There is an idea that the foul lines of baseball fields go on into infinity, thus creating a vast expanse of ‘fair territory.  Apparently, W.P. Kinsella proposed the idea years ago, and Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Fly Ball creates a graphic that shows how much of the United States is in fair territory.

5.     On October 5, 2012, the Infield Fly Rule was called in a game between St. Louis and Atlanta.  The ball was well into the outfield, and it allowed several runners to score.  Here’s a drawing of the play as it happened.

6.     Thom Rainer gives us the Top 25 Hymns as ranked by  The ranking is based on sales over the past four years.



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