Wednesday Gumbo: Proof of God, a Mustache Logo, Religious Liberty and More

WooHoo!  It’s ‘hump day’…time for that delectable cornucopia of mish-mash known as Wednesday Gumbo.

Some o’dis and some o’dat, cher!

1.     On Monday, Frank Viola created quite a stir with his blog post, There is no Proof of God.   Viola, who has authored three books on the supremacy of Christ, presents his thesis by saying,

I’ve met scores of Christians who were ready to give their teeth for Jesus in their 20s, only to turn their backs on Him in their 30s. Why? Because their commitment to Jesus was based on the supposition that He would perform a certain way. That He would take care of them and meet their needs in a certain way.

Get clear on this: God will let you down. He won’t meet all your expectations. He will allow things that will cause you to conclude that He is unfaithful and doesn’t keep His promises. If you haven’t met this side of God yet, you will. And at that moment, you will discover if you are serving Santa Claus or if you’re serving the God who is.

He will not always be faithful . . . according to your standards of faithfulness.

Yesterday, Viola posted Why I Am a Christian.   I encourage you to read both.

2.     The Lexington Legends, the new Class A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals, has unveiled an entirely new makeover to signal its recent affiliation change.  New colors, new uni’s, and a new logo.  The creative director for the team – Ty Cobb – led the change, and general manager, Seth Poteat commented,

 It started as kind of a joke. But the more we talked about it, the more we said ‘Why not?’

3.     Timothy Carney writes a revealing article showing how the current presidential administration, with its recent election mandate, is moving forward in its assault on religious liberty.  It matters not what you believe…as long as you abide by the social mores of the Left.  In other words, religious conservatives cannot seek to influence society, yet they must be influenced (and support) the social policies of the Left.  Carney states,

This is the culture war today — Christians offend secular liberals by not abiding by the Left’s social mores. In effect, they “impose” their morality if they dare exercise their religion in public. Christians are intolerable rebels if they try to operate institutions outside of government.

4.     Chris Creamer comments on the NBA’s use of “Big Color” uniforms.  For the moment, I’ll pretend that I care one iota regarding the NBA.  He doesn’t like them…I do.  It could signal a trend, especially if profit is involved.

5.     What does it mean when we talk about “The Common Good”, and how do Christians respond?

6.     Do you know how we got ‘velcro’? Or, that the word is combination word – ‘velvet’ and ‘crochet’?  There’s much more to know in The 15 Most Fascinating Accidental Inventions.

7.    If you have an iPhone, here are 20 iPhone Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know.  Yeah, I know…thanks.

8.     If you’re a young pitcher, learn how to throw a split finger fastball…you could end up with millions.  Here’s A Brief History of the Split Finger Fastball.

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