Wednesday Gumbo: Deer Crossings, Driving Dogs, and a Homeless Man

Duck Dynasty  560It’s gumbo day, cher!

“Everybody’s happy, happy, happy!”

1.     Everyone is sporting a new uniform.  If you’re Oregon, that’s no big deal.  But, everyone else has made some sort of football uniform fashion statement.  When Navy plays Army this Saturday, they’ll make their contribution to the uniform craze.  See what you think.

2.     Jeffrey Hillman, the homeless man in NYC who was given a pair of boots by NYC policeman Larry DePrimo, has shown up again – and, he’s shoeless again.  Hillman says he doesn’t want the boots and, worse, says he wants a “piece of the pie” since his photo was published without his consent.  To add insult to injury, we now find out that Hillman isn’t homeless, either.

3.     This lady thinks deer crossing signs need to be moved.  Really.

4.     My wife, Michelle, and I were driving in downtown Murfreesboro on Monday when we pull up next to the driver…uh, dog…in this picture.  Oddly enough, the dog was doing quite well…better than some I know.

driving dog

2012_MLB_Winter_Meetings-300x2375.     The MLB Winter Meetings are going on in Nashville even as you read this.  I’m at work.  Why, I don’t know.  It would be an adventure to hang out in the Opryland Resort & Hotel, looking for Harold Reynolds, Mitch Williams and Kevin Millar.


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2 responses to “Wednesday Gumbo: Deer Crossings, Driving Dogs, and a Homeless Man

  1. “Everybody’s happy, happy, happy!”, I actually know where this quote came from. Note on the deer crossing sign… Hey lady, there’s your sign. My wife and I have seen a similar scene, but the dog was driving a jeep, which I now use as my Adminstrator logon for WIndows. Finally, I’m with you on the baseball. I always wanted to be a scout, however my dad told me to seek a career that was more worthy of my talent. I replied which one, since I have always felt God gave me many.

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