Jovan Belcher and the 2nd Amendment

Denver Broncos v Kansas City ChiefsA few days ago, Jovan Belcher, a member of the Kansas City Chiefs, shot and killed his girlfriend and then drove 10 minutes away, to the Chiefs practice facility, and turned the gun on himself, taking his life in front of his coach and employer.

I don’t know why he did it.  And, many are trying to piece together the reasons why Belcher did what he did.  It’s beyond sad.  To think that Belcher has orphaned his 3 month-old daughter is a painful thing to ponder.  I hurt to think of the pain that those close to Belcher and his girlfriend are experiencing.

They need answers.  Right now, there aren’t any.

While I am saddened to think of those affected by Belcher’s actions, I’m downright angered at those who take the opportunity to politicize a murder-suicide, stating that

In the coming days, Belcher’s actions will be analyzed through the lens of concussions and head injuries. Who knows? Maybe brain damage triggered his violent overreaction to a fight with his girlfriend. What I believe is, if he didn’t possess/own a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.

Jason Whitlock, who is a national columnist for, is described as one whose columns are…

…humorous, thought-provoking, agenda-free, honest and unpredictable.

Agenda-free.  Really?

While Whitlock does ask some serious, honest questions in his article on Saturday night – less than 24 hours after the jason-whitlockmurder-suicide – his rant regarding gun control is off the mark.  When we react to an event such as this, we can be shocked, saddened, hurt, even angry.  But, let’s not misdirect the attention to an issue that, in this case, is irrelevant.  And, let’s certainly not take an easy opportunity to politicize an issue such as 2nd Amendment rights.

I was even more disappointed in Bob Costas.  On NBC’s Sunday night NFL coverage, Costas took the opportunity to present commentary on Belcher’s murder-suicide.  He quoted Whitlock’s article and, in doing so, stood in agreement with Whitlock in saying both would be alive today if Belcher didn’t possess or own a gun.

costasI like Costas.  He’s one of the best when it comes to announcing a baseball game – arguably the best.  But, on Sunday night, he tripped and tarnished a stellar career.  And, Costas knows it.

When asked to comment on his statement during Sunday night’s game, Costas declined.  But, NBC spokesman Greg Hughes stood in the gap and explained

In a short (on-air) time period he can cover only one aspect of a complicated issue. So he quoted (columnist Jason Whitlock) about the gun culture and an almost Wild West attitude in parts of this country. He is pro-sensible gun reform and pro-attitude adjustment on guns.

Costas said what he wanted to say.  Listen to the video.  The first 45 seconds or so are so eloquently spoken that not even Costas could say what he did off-the-cuff.  It was prepared…maybe even read.  And, Costas covered the “one aspect of the complicated issue” he chose to emphasize – if a gun wasn’t possessed, Belcher and his girlfriend would still be alive.

Both Whitlock and Costas have taken a sad, painfully unfortunate event and turned it into an opportunity to speak for those who champion gun control.  Instead, perhaps they should have taken the opportunity to help friends, family, and football fans mourn two lives lost and a family in pain.

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  1. Sam Spradling

    Good article, thanks for writing it. I do not personally own a gun, but I highly respect the right of gun owners to own a gun. It is a shame that people resort to taking life as if it had no value, and given that state of mind any weapon would do. Gun control is but another way of controling peoples lives. It would be a blessing if peoples lives were controled by a love of God then there would be fewer reasons to take one’s own life and that of others.

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