Wednesday Gumbo: gun control, boys, and baseball

Duck Dynasty  560The gumbo pot was dropped and broke into a hundred pieces.  Now that the new pot has arrived, it’s time to cook up a fresh batch of gumbo.

Some o’dis and some o’dat, cher!  Aiyeeee!

1.     Jason Palmer weighs in on gun control with a novel approach regarding the irrationality of arguments on both sidesbullets-guns-107-1280x960 of the issue.  His post is pure hyperbole, written to show the lack of rational logic on both sides that surrounds an issue like gun ownership.  For instance, he says

If you argue long enough with folks from either side, you will inevitably hear attempts to support their viewpoints with “evidence” based on what the founding fathers intended when they wrote the amendment.

Perhaps Jason says it best when he responds to comments.  He states,

There is a lack of intelligent debate in this country surrounding almost everything political, and with guns being a hot topic, I couldn’t help but try to illustrate how most folks justify their own opinions with pure conjecture. This is a major reason why certain problems, like gun control, are not progressing toward logical solutions.

boys-fighting2.     In the summertime, when I was a boy, the neighborhood kids and I would entertain ourselves by dividing into two teams and playing “war”.  The only problem with that is that we used BB guns (but we had rules for safety, Mom!).  Early this month, a 6 year-old was suspended from school for pointing his finger at a classmate followed by “pow.”  In Christianity Today, Rachel Marie Stone says Let Boys Be Boys.  She quotes one study involving adults who committed violent crimes, stating that…

…it was discovered that their childhoods had been marked not by violent play but, more strangely, by a lack of play: the very thing that helps people, especially little people, work through conflict and aggression safely and productively.

3.     Mark Driscoll, the love-him-or-hate-him pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattlle, WA, tweeted during Barack Obama’s inauguration…

Praying for our president, who today will place his hands on a Bible he does not believe to take an oath to a God he likely does not know.

Several other Christian pastors and leaders tweeted remarks as well.  You can see all of the tweets here.

In Tuesday’s Christian Post, it was reported that Driscoll was rebuked for being judgmental.  At least he was praying for him.

4.     The Williamsport, MD High School baseball team endured more than its share of tragedy in May, 2012.  While theBaseball Champs 4 team of high school boys dealt with the death of a loved teammate, the coach, David Warrenfeltz, was reliving the horror of losing a teammate at the same school three years earlier.  The young coach and the team responded by winning the state title.  This past October, Sports Illustrated, chronicled the events with the story “Mourning Glory.”

5.     In Baseball Hall of Fame: Why Bonds, Clemens & Performance Enhancers Should Get In, Dan Levy pleads his case that Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and others who used performance enhancing drugs to…well…perform better should be included in baseball’s Hall of Fame.

I admit it’s hard to know if Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro and McGwire just had inflated numbers because of the steroids, but it’s also hard to know if the pitchers throwing to them were on something, too. Are we so sure, even with the cheating, that the playing field wasn’t mostly level for these guys?

I recently had this debate with a former MLB All-Star pitcher who played during the steroid era and thinks the cheaters shouldn’t be allowed in the Hall of Fame. He feels the integrity of the game should trump the inclusion of the cheaters, even if they were the best in the game at the time they played.

First of all, Levy makes the assumption that the playing field was level because “it’s hard to know” if other players were using.  Yet, the one comment that stands out in this whole diatribe is that of a former MLB pitcher who says players who used PED’s should not get in.  He’s a player.  An all-star.  He knows, unlike some baseball writing hack who sits in the bleachers, making judgments on a level of competition he nothing about.

If Bonds, Sosa, et al. are allowed in, then it will put an unwritten stamp of approval for everyone – professional, collegiate, and high school – to juice up.  Then, we’ll have lost the game forever.

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One response to “Wednesday Gumbo: gun control, boys, and baseball

  1. Thanks for the mention, Mark!

    Driscoll’s comments seem pretty out of line for a pastor who calls himself a Christian. To call into question someone’s professed acceptance of Christ is pretty low and no way to win others to the Kingdom. I shudder to think about the direction in which Driscoll is “leading” men–especially when evidence from easily accessible reputable sources, like CNN, shows the opposite to be true:

    “…Obama has technically been a born-again Christian for more than 25 years, since accepting Jesus at Wright’s Chicago church in the 1980s.

    But it’s in the last four years that the president has become more evangelical in his habits.

    He now begins each morning reading Christian devotionals on his Blackberry.

    And then there’s the circle of pastors Obama has begun praying with before big events like the first presidential debate.”


    The President is always fair game for ideological and political attacks, but it wasn’t acceptable when crazies from the left attacked Bush for being “too religious” and it is not okay for crazies from the right to attack Obama for not being religious enough.

    This is just another example of the abandonment of logic in this country. For people like Driscoll, no amount of evidence or logic will ever supersede his emotionally based convictions. If evidence exists, then “it’s a conspiracy.” These kind of people lack any creditability and sully the reputation of reasonable folks on their side of the political spectrum.

    I guess I will have to pray for him.

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