There’s Not an App for That

iphone-bigAs the smartphones and tablets become more and more common, the offering of apps seem like a form of electronic mitosis – dividing and doubling to the 10th power.  It really is overwhelming.  And, if you look long and hard, you can find an app that will do just about anything.

There’s an App for That

You can check your balance, read a newspaper, stargaze constellations,  and use a compass.  You can see which flights are overhead at any moment in time, and then proceed to go to sleep with the help of a sound machine.  You can check the calories and carbs of what you’ve eaten that day, or you can see everything you want to know about the Grand Ole Opry (and then buy tickets to a show).  You can check scores, watch TV, or work on your presentation for tomorrow’s meeting.  Then, there are games, maps, GPS, Twitter, Facebook, and weather.  And let’s don’t forget a police scanner, a metronome, Kindle, musical instruments, and any particular version of the Bible you prefer.  Those are just a few of the apps on my phone.

Apps I Don’t Recommend

There are some apps that are just downright bizarre.

hello-cow1.     Hello Cow.  This is a simple app.  It’s a picture of a cow.  You talk to the cow, and it will ‘moo.’  The more you talk to the cow, the happier it is.  Really?  I’m not sure I could handle the guilt.

2.     ZombieBooth 3D.  Take any picture, preferably one of yourself, and it will show what you look like as a zombie.  You know, something I’ve always wondered is, “What would I look like dead?”

3.     Honey It’s Me.  This is an app similar to Siri in that it will have a conversation with you.  Judging by the title, it’s for life time members of the Lonely Hearts Club.  Yeesh!

4.     iVoodoo Doll.  This one explains itself.  I’m sure it’s a favorite app in south Louisiana or in the Caribbean.ivoodoo doll

5.     Hang Time.  Ever wonder how high you can throw your $200 phone?  This app will time it…just throw it as high as you can and it’ll tell you how long your phone was in the air.  May be hard to read, though, if the screen is shattered.  Just sayin’.

6.     Pimple Popper.  Just like it says, it’s a virtual acne-fest of pimple popping fun.  If you’re good, you can pop more pimples than your IQ number, which, if you’ve got this app on your phone, shouldn’t be hard to do.

Apps for the Christian

If you’re a Christian, the apps are just as numerous.  On one smartphone or tablet, you can use apps to read devotionals, hear sermons, read the Bible, or study your small group curriculum.  I use mine when I lead worship…all of  the music charts, scripture, responsive readings are on my tablet.  And, for my personal devotion time, I have several apps that I use.

bible app1.     Bibles.  I use Crossway’s ESV Bible as well as the Bible Gateway app.  It has many translations, helps and resources.

2.     Devotional.  I can use Desiring God or Ligonier for their devotional material.  The apps contain a daily reading, videos, teaching and more.

3.     Confessions.  I have the Christian Creeds & Reformed Confessions app that I like to have handy as I study history or theology.

4.     Worship.  There are numerous hymnals that can be placed on a smartphone or tablet.  I have the Baptist Hymnal, the Lutheran Hymnal, the Methodist Hymnal, and several others.  And, the Common Worship & Prayer is the Anglican app for The Book of Common Prayer.

5.  Evangelism.  If you need help sharing the gospel, there are apps for that, too.  I have 2 Ways to Live, which is a 2-Ways-to-Live-orangeresource to show God’s plan of salvation.  There’s the God Tools app, that has the 4 Spiritual Laws.  And, there’s the Jesus Evangelism Tool and the Roman Road apps.

There’s Not an App for This

There is one thing, though, that there’s no app for – actually sharing the gospel.  Intending to share the gospel and actually doing it are two different things.  Thabiti Anyabwile tells a poignant story of actually sharing the gospel with someone when he initially didn’t want to.  And, Mike Lee gives some insight about how to actually share the gospel in his post, Getting to the Gospel.

So, while there’s an app for everything, remember that there are only some things you and I can do.



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2 responses to “There’s Not an App for That

  1. pjm

    Thanks for the info. I think I need one of those phones. Could be a better teacher.

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