Warmed-Over Gumbo: tattoos, DUI’s, and “God Made a Farmer”

Duck Dynasty  560Well, the cook was preoccupied and couldn’t make the usual batch of Wednesday gumbo. So, here it is, warmed up a bit. Besides, gumbo is usually better after all the ingredients have a day or two to get to know each other.

So, here’s some o’dis and some o’dat!

1. Yesterday was the last gasp of any kind of football for a while. It was national signing day – when HS football Auburn-University-tattooathletes sign National Letters of Intent to play for a university. It’s the culmination of much recruiting…when coaches who are paid millions of dollars and whose job depends on winning and losing, tries to beg, plead, and convince 17 & 18 year-old young men to come play for them. Even when a young player “commits” to play for a university’s football program, they “flip” at the last minute. Here’s the story of one young man who committed months ago to one university (and he has the tattoo to prove it).

2. On Tuesday night, Colorado Rockies star Todd Helton, who played for the University of Tennessee, was arrested for DUI. Helton, who has been rock-solid in his playing career both on and off the field, obviously made a poor decision for which he’ll suffer consequences. However, Helton, unlike many athletes, immediately took responsibility for his action, apologized, and asked for forgiveness. That – in and of itself – speaks volumes for who he is. He says,

Last evening I exercised poor judgment and was charged with drinking and driving after driving to a gas station near my house. I am very sorry and embarrassed by my actions. I hold myself to a high standard and take my responsibility as a public figure very seriously. My entire career I have worked to set a positive example for my family and in our community and I fell far short of this standard.

I sincerely ask my family, the Colorado Rockies Organization, Major League Baseball and the community to accept my apology. I make no excuses and accept full responsibility for my actions. I humbly ask your forgiveness.

3. Jeremy Weber presents insight about why Pro Athletes Influence Society More than Pastors. Interesting.

bigstockphoto_Wedding_Couple___8642094. I’ll admit that I’m addicted to Downton Abbey, the PBS Masterpiece Classic that’s in its 3rd season. One thing I’ve noticed is that, in the early 1900’s, courtship and marriage were quite different from today. Here’s one writer’s history of marriage, and Tina Turner was right when she asked, “What’s love got to do with it?”

5. Perhaps you tuned in to the super bowl this past Sunday night and noticed, among all the hype of the game and the halftime show, the commercials. If you were watching, you no doubt remember this commercial.

Rich Lowry gives insightful commentary in his piece titled Paul Harvey’s Triumph about, not only the spectacle that was the super bowl, but mostly about the one commercial that was so anti-super bowl. A summation of the article states, “His ad was everything our celebrity-soaked pop culture is not.”

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  1. pjm

    This was the best commercial i have ever seen on TV. That farmer could have you back in the 80’s with a fairly good garden and a few ole ragged cows.

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