I Take My Stand

rainbowI’m not a celebrity.  Not even close.

Truthfully, I wouldn’t want to be a celebrity.  My life wouldn’t survive the microscopic views from media and such, and, frankly, I’m about one step away from being a hermit.  I wouldn’t like the schedule, not to mention the attention.

In his post What Someone Needs to Say, Kevin DeYoung stated that someone – some Christian celebrity – needs to step up and refuse to be broken regarding the view of sexuality in this present culture.  He says,

So someone needs to refuse to be broken. Maybe some famous Christian athlete or actor needs to do it. Maybe a famous academic. Maybe a well known musician or humanitarian. Maybe you will be called upon this week to give account for your faith. Give it time and most of us will need to say something. What we must not do is allow the world to dictate what is and what is not a socially acceptable view on sexuality. The world may do that anyway, but we can at least play a little defense by refusing to play the game on their terms.

His statement comes on the heels of criticism lobbed at Tim Tebow, who was scheduled to speak at First Baptist Church, Dallas.  I’ll not unpack the details of that scenario, but it has been stated by many Christian leaders that Tebow “fumbled” the ball on this one.

Well…I’m not the celebrity that DeYoung speaks of in his post, but I am a celebrity of sorts in my house – to my wife and my two sons.  And, there may be one or two others who care what I think (pretty sure I can put Emmy the Wonderdog in that category).  So, I’m taking a stand in this cultural debate because it matters on so many levels.

1.    I am a Christian.  Because I profess faith in God, the Father Almighty, and in His Son Jesus Christ, my daily intention is obedience to God.  I believe God is the creator of this universe – and all within it – and that He is sovereign over His creation, actively working to bring about His purpose for His glory.  Part of His sovereign plan was sending Jesus into this world – fully God, yet fully human – to live and to die, taking on our sin to make us presentable before a holy God.  The resurrection proves that Christ was more than a man, and that He defeated sin and death.

2.     God is revealed not only in Jesus Christ, but in His Scripture.  I believe that God gives us everything we need to know in His infallible, authoritative Word.  As a Christian, my aim is obedience to God and the commands found in His Word.

3.  I have a biblical worldview.  My view of life, marriage, working, society, government and culture is viewed through the Bible.  Because I am a God-follower, I believe the Bible is pertinent in every aspect of life, and life must be lived through the filter of God’s words in the Bible.

4.  I am a sinner.  Just because I claim to be a Christian does not mean I’m perfect.  Quite the opposite is true.  Yet, I rejoice every day that I’m saved by grace through faith in Christ.

5.  Homosexuality is a sin.  So is stealing, murder, gossiping, lying, sexual immorality, and so on.  Homosexuality is not a worse sin; it’s a sin.  But, like any disobedience to God’s commands, we can’t live daily in sin without any kind of remorse.

6.  Marriage is one man-one woman.  God created the institution of marriage as one man-one woman.  And, that’s “until death do you part.”

7.  God’s Word calls us to love our world and those in it.  There’s no room here for hate.  We can’t hate someone because they’re gay.  If we do, then we’re living in sin without remorse.

8.   I’m not intolerant just because I take a stand for my beliefs.  We can disagree and still live and love.  But, I will not back down from God’s direction and commands in my life.

I doubt that this will make the news tonight, and I’m pretty sure no one will send me hate mail.  Regardless, I take my stand so that those who know me know that I stand with God’s Word and His Word alone.


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5 responses to “I Take My Stand

  1. pjm

    Thank you for taking a stand on these issues. You were right in line with what scripture says and I am proud of you for letting others know what you believe on these issues. I say AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good post, Mark. I especially like that you make the following distinction:
    “Homosexuality is not a worse sin; it’s a sin.”

    I guess my problem is that Christians seem to be expecting non-Christians to live by Christian principals. Do you think that is reasonable?

    To develop some sense of empathy and understanding, I try to put myself metaphorically in the shoes of a Christian living in a country governed by Islamic law. I sure wouldn’t be likely to convert to Islam if the focus of society was to attack my views and demonize my behavior, rather than show love and acceptance.

    • J.

      Thanks for the comment. I value your insight and was hoping you would weigh in on this.

      In a perfect world, we all should be able to discuss, debate, and explore issues – be it homosexuality or sequestration or whatever – it has to be done with civility and respect. Yet, we can sometimes get very impassioned about our beliefs and our behavior becomes irrational.

      As a Christian, though, I believe the Bible to be absolute truth. I understand not everyone believes that. Yet, it goes to the core of who I am that, once I determine where to place my faith, I must stand on that without fail. That’s how I feel about my faith in God. If I were in an Islamic country, I would pray that I would still stand on my beliefs, even in the face of persecution. I definitely would not convert to Islam, but it would be because of my faith in God…not because they persecuted me for my beliefs.

      In America, no one is really, really persecuted for their beliefs. My issue is that much of society, especially the media, will label Christians intolerant because they are standing with their convictions, those same convictions that are based from Scripture. The gay community as a whole – and I’ll include the progressive/liberal community – will treat evangelicals with the same intolerance that they claim is being aimed at them from Christians. That’s the irony of this all.

      Bottom line is this…just because I disagree doesn’t mean I’m ignorant, unenlightened, or intolerant. I disagree based on my belief set and the values I support. And, that’s as valid as anyone else’s opinion or beliefs. Can we disagree? Yes. Should we mock or hate because of it? Absolutely not.

      People on both sides need to understand this.

  3. “I’m about one step away from being a hermit”, I am right there with you. There are many times I feel so frustrated by “the norm” (who defines that?) and the political correctness of the world. At those moments God takes time to remind me of my purpose which is not centered around myself. We all may drop the ball from time to time, but we must get right back into the game and persevere to the end. I found great joy in following God’s decrees.

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