Wednesday Gumbo: Duck Dynasty, Marriage Equality, March Madness and more

Duck Dynasty  560Spring is upon us, and that means we can add some crawfish to the gumbo.  And, maybe a frog leg or two!

Some o’dis, and some o’dat, cher!

1.     I’m a Duck Dynasty fan.  Joe Carter on The Gospel Coalition site gives us 9 Things You Should Know About Duck Dynasty.  

2.     No doubt many of you have filled out your bracket.  I haven’t even said what bracket, yet you still know what I’m NCAA_primaryctalking about.  But, Sam Storms thinks there’s a problem with all this March Madness stuff, and he puts the fault squarely on the greed of the NCAA.

3.     It’s not been publicly announced, but Chris Creamer reports that the Miami Dolphins have a new logo.  Now, if they could get a new team to go with it.

4.     The new moniker for same-sex marriage is “marriage equality.”  Where have I been?  When did this happen? Just think…in our nation, the pursuit of equality is ingrained in our founding documents and in the acquisition of life, liberty and happiness.  Yet, who can be against equality?  It’s a pretty smooth marketing move on the part of the LGBT community to hijack the word ‘equality’ for their cause.

bigstockphoto_Wedding_Couple___864209Here’s an article in the Washington Post about marriage equality titled “America is Ready for Marriage Equality.”  It’s written by the children of Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop of a Christian denomination.

However, Trevin Wax encourages us to read the fine print when it comes to marriage equality – and, his points are well-taken.

Finally, with all of this being such a watershed issue in our society, you’d think the LGBT community makes up a significant percentage of our population.  It doesn’t. Daniel Politi presents Gallup poll results that present the percentage of gay population by state.  This is the first poll that presents enough data to determine each state’s gay population.

5.     In baseball, your uniform says a lot.  Uniforms can be traditional and harken back to the earlier days, or they be trendy, affected by the whims of contemporary culture.  In baseball, the white uni is worn at home, and the away games use the “road grays”.  It’s the opposite in college football – dark jersey at home, and white on the road (unless you’re LSU…then, everyone else has to cater to your desires.) Have you ever wondered what the most popular color is in baseball uniforms?  Here’s an interesting graphic from The Sports Design Blog that shows the predominant colors in the MLB (the NFL and NBA).



I thought it was an interesting thing to see, so I did a similar graphic for the local high school district 7AAA, in which my son’s baseball team plays.

7AAA colors


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