A New New Testament

203 Hebrew 228In his blog post, A New New Testament: Are You Serious?, Daniel Wallace, professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, gives insight the recent council that met to add books to the current New Testament canon.  It’s a fascinating read and one that gives insight to both the early church and contemporary religious thought and influence.

I encourage you to read Wallace’s post for several reasons:

1.     It gives insight to the legitimacy of early church councils as they worked to create the canon of New Testament scriptures.

2.     It gives us appreciation – a respect and awe – of God’s sovereign plan in revealing His Word to us.

3.    It will highlight the agenda of people who want to counter the message of the New Testament with the message of their own agenda.

4.     It will help us understand how we have our Bible, and appreciate those who desire it was to be true to the teachings of Christ and his apostles.

5.     It will make you wonder what kind of person feels worthy to choose texts to add to God’s Word.

Wallace concludes by stating,

In short, the New New Testament is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The council that put these books forth is a farce. It has nothing to do with the councils of old, yet implicitly seeks to claim authority on the basis of concocted semblance. The books were selected by those who, though certainly having a right to scholarly examination of the Christian faith, are not at all qualified to make any pronouncements on canon. That belongs to the church, the true church.


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