Easter Week Video 4: The Crowd or the Cross

For the remainder of this Easter Week, I’ll be posting videos that in some way portray the message of Easter.  While I could certainly write and try to give some sort of unique perspective on the message, many of us are deeply affected by the visual message.

Before you watch the video each day, remember the mystery of faith:

Christ has died.

Christ has risen.

Christ is coming again.

Here’s another Igniter Media video that focuses on the difference between what the world says to us and what the cross calls us to be.  As we look back on Good Friday and anticipate Easter, what’s got your ear?



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2 responses to “Easter Week Video 4: The Crowd or the Cross

  1. I love this video and here’s why… It’s all about Him, not about me… and this is the way I see the world… even on the darkest, most dreary day I have ever experienced, I look up driving down the road and what do I see… “The Cross” in the form of a modern day telephone pole. I too, look at that window and see the cross. In fact if we open our eyes we can find a cross all around us. Then, I am reminded of what Crhist did for me, did for you, did for us! Not just every now and then but every single day of our lifes. Let us all Praise the Lord and give Him all the glory in everything we do!

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