Wednesday Gumbo: baseball, offbeat holidays, and guinea pigs

Duck Dynasty  560It’s time for another pot of gumbo…made with some o’dis and some o’dat!

This week’s gumbo features a little baseball, some

1.  One of the blogs I follow is Bleacher Boy, written by a young man named David.  He’s an avid baseball fan, and gives his insight on everything baseball.  His recent blog post, “Baseball and Jesus Come Back on the Same Day”, pretty much sums up all of life, quite succinctly I might add.  He states,

Baseball and Jesus come back on the same day, coincidence, I think not!

Happy Easter and Opening Day!!!!!

2.  Kevin DeYoung – pastor, author, and theologian – usually writes on all things Church.  He’s well-respected and baseball BWwidely-read.  His post yesterday, “Our National Pastime”,  was one of the best summations I’ve seen explaining why baseball is still America’s favorite sport, and why baseball is a metaphor for life.  He says,

Baseball is unique in the pantheon of professional American sports. It’s the only one where time doesn’t end your game. It’s the only one where offense and defense are totally compartmentalized. And it’s the only sport that actually works on radio. Have you ever tried listening to football on the radio. It’s better than nothing, but you can’t picture the action. You only get updates as the action unfolds. It’s the same with basketball and hockey. There’s a lot of energy, but it’s too much to see in your head. Baseball, on the other hand, is the perfect sport for radio. It’s slow and it’s routine. You can picture a backdoor slider in your head. You know what a sharp single to right looks like. You can see the ball sailing deep into center field in a way you could never see a run up the middle on radio.

stan musial3.  The St. Louis Cardinals will honor the greatest player in the history of their franchise when they sport a patch on their uniform this year.  Kudos to the Cardinals, and to the memory of Stan Musial.

4.  Dr. Gary Habermas, professor at Liberty University, writes in the Washington Post an article titled, “Five Reasons to Believe that Jesus Christ Rose from the Dead.”  And, these are based on facts that are undisputed by even those who are skeptical.

5.  So, here are 19 offbeat holidays and anniversaries you can celebrate in April.  Perhaps Google will use a few of these, since these are about as significant as Cesar Chavez Day that Google celebrated on March 31.  I like Google, but their snub of Easter was an affront to Christians everywhere.

6.  Want a money-making tip?  Start raising guinea pigs.  Looks like there’s a push to replace beef with guinea pigs.  guinea-pig---tanWhile some in the U.S. (immigrants from South America) are clamoring for the delicacy, others say raising guinea pigs is less damaging to our ecosystem.  That’s what is creating the push to put guinea pigs on the menu.  But, before you invest your life savings, let’s remember the emu fad in the ’90’s.  Emus were supposed to be the solution for a variety of ills – except stupidity!



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2 responses to “Wednesday Gumbo: baseball, offbeat holidays, and guinea pigs

  1. pjm

    I think I will pass on the Guinea Pigs if they are ever served in my presence.
    I can’t imagine anyone in their right minds even thinking of eating one of those. YUK!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning me! I really appreciate it because I’m trying to get more and more followers!

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