Wednesday Gumbo: 5 Things You May Want to Know About

humpdayCome on…what day is it?  Come on…


And that means it’s time for some gumbo…some o’dis and some o’dat!

1.  Here’s a quote from the video below: “Being a preacher is dangerous, because you have to be perfect.”  Woah!!

superbammer2.  College football season is upon us.  And, no matter how many national championships they have, or how good they are, they still have “Super Bammer”!

3.  The New Confederacy.  That’s what Jesse Jackson calls the Tea Party, those ultra-conservative Americans who just happen to disagree with President Obama and his policies.  Well…I’m conservative, and it’s news to me.  Matter of fact, I’m offended.

4.  In his post yesterday, Russell Moore gives great insight into Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech andmartin-luther-king-jr where he learned to speak so effectively.

5.  Even in our disunity, we can agree…here’s an article about a gay mayor who partners with churches in his community.

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