7 things that make you ask “Really?”

There are things that pop up on the news from time to time that just defy rational logic.  It’s a common thing, too, and spans all facets of our culture…politics, sports, entertainment, religion, and lifestyle.  It doesn’t take a hard look to find it, either.  And, when you do come across the insanely absurd, all you can do is respond, “Really?”

So, on Fridays, I’ve decided to add a weekly response to news events of the week that, on hearing, make you stop and ask, “Really?”  It’s not original, I know…SNL did a skit called “Really? with Seth and Amy” on their show that responded to some news event in the same fashion.  Just look at Friday on my blog as an aggregate for those weekly events that make you go “Really?”

Here we go…

1.  Miley Cyrus.  Really?

mileyWhen she appeared on MTV’s VMA show this past Sunday night, she went beyond anything that can rationally, logically explain the purpose of her performance.  I didn’t see it, but after the Twitter world blew up, I knew something had happened.  I’ve not linked to any site because I don’t want to risk offending you with that garbage.  Even the sites that criticize her bizarre behavior in their articles have included a video of the performance, which calls for a Really? within a Really?  Geez…

2.  Fast-food workers strike over wages.  Really?

These guys want their salary doubled.  Really?  Me, too!  People who work in places like McDonald’s making minimumfast-food-strike.jpeg1-1280x960 wage are unhappy because apparently they’re not making enough money to support their lifestyle, or their family.  Last time I checked, places like McDonald’s hire people like high school students, college students, or maybe even those wanting to pick up a little extra income.  Flipping hamburgers and adding special sauce is not meant to be a career.  Really?

3.  Oregon’s football facility.  Really?

oregonThis is way over the top.  It’s sports gluttony at its finest.  College football hedonism is defined by this place.  The University of Oregon, a.k.a. the University of Nike, has built a football facility paid for by Nike founder Phil Knight that is conservatively estimated to cost $68 million.  The NY Times reported that

The Football Performance Center at the University of Oregon features rugs woven by hand in Nepal, couches made in Italy and Brazilian hardwood underfoot in the weight room that is so dense, designers of this opulent palace believe it will not burn.

This is Oregon football. There is a barbershop with utensils from Milan. And a duck pond. And a locker room that can be accessed by biometric thumbprints. And chairs upholstered with the same material found in a Ferrari’s interior. And walls covered in football leather.

Nike football leather, naturally.

All of this for a program that has never won a national championship, and was put on a three-year probation this year by the NCAA…get this…for recruiting violations.  No need to worry about that now…just call a recruit and tell them to get online and look at the football performance center.  Really?

4.  California law protects transgender students.  Really?

So…high school boys can claim they’re really girls, and they have free access to girl’s locker rooms and such.  And, noBathroom-sign-Shutterstock one can question it because it would be a bullying issue.  Really?

5.  “The Tea Party is the resurrection of the Confederacy”.  Really?

jesse_jacksonJesse Jackson said in an interview recently that the conservative Tea Party was the “Fort Sumter tea party”, claiming that any and all criticism of President Obama was due to racism.  Really?

6.  NCAA punishes Johnny Manziel.  Really?

Johnny Football has to sit out a half in Texas A&M’s season opener against Rice.  Really?  If he did something wrong,johnny he needs to be punished.  Really punished.  If he didn’t do anything wrong, why is he sitting out a half?  The NCAA says that Johnny Football should have known signed items would be sold.  Really?

7.  Justin Bieber stops by the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam.

justinbieberSNL_620_010713OK.  So that doesn’t deserve a Really?  He signed the guest book, and wrote

Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.



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  1. I really like this blog. Thanks for posting.

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