Really? (or, What’s with this mascot thing?)

The-Washington-Redskins-Whats-In-A-NameI guess I’m insensitive to the plight of the Native American Indian, because I can’t, for the life of me, understand why these sports writers have an issue with the word Redskin as a mascot. I think it’s an honorable name and works to acknowledge a group of people who are part of American history.

I’m mostly Redskin – well, at least while my son is applying to colleges – because there’s boatloads of money for Native Americans going to college. So, until I get that letter in the mail that says college is paid for, I’m a Redskin. Really? No. Not really.

But, I am confounded by the sportswriters who just find it beneath them to use the word. They won’t write it…won’t even say it. It’s now known as the “R” word.

Christine Brennan, writing in USA Today Sports, says she won’t use the word anymore. Brennan says she’s used the word “thousands of times, probably more than 10,000 by now.” She is joined by Peter King, who writes for Sports Illustrated. He says he’s made the decision to stop using the name, as well. Brennan says it’s a racist term. King says it has nothing to do with race.

So, it got me to thinking. Hmmm…if we follow their rationale, what are some other monikers that shouldn’t be used that may imply racism; or, like King’s thinking, has nothing to do with race but we’ll just stop using them because, well, I guess we just think they’re stupid.

scc-artichoke-300x192The Scottsdale Community College Artichokes. Really? What doofus came up with that?

Mount St. Mary’s College Athenians. Really? When Athena, the embodiment of their name, shows up at a sporting event, what does that look like? I think we’re trying too hard on this one.

University of California, Santa Cruz Banana Slugs. Originally the Sea Lions, UCSC changed its mascot after students, unhappy with the first moniker, voted a new one in. Really? As usual…it’s California. Must have been in the ’60’s.

Dartmouth, Cornell, etc. Here we have the non-offensive, politically-safe color mascots who proceed to make their color more formidable by adding the adjective ‘Big’ in front of it…Really? I’m sure the young women who are athletes at these schools appreciate being called ‘Big’ anything. That never worked out good for me.

Illinois College Blueboys. Really? I’m not commenting on this one. Period.

University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire Blugolds. Really? Is ‘Blugold’ even a word? This is an institution of higher learning…let’s see if we can be a bit more creative.

St-Louis-College-of-Pharmacy-EutecticSt. Louis College of Pharmacy Eutectics. A double Really? Why even have a mascot if this is all we can do? The school does compete athletically in the NAIA, but I’m thinking ‘DrugLords’ would be more appropriate on the athletic field.

Golden ________________. Really? Why can’t we just be the Tornadoes, or Bulls, or Hurricanes, or Gaels, or Flyers. No, we have to add ‘Golden’ in front of the mascot name which, I suppose, makes it a special tornado, bull, or hurricane.

Ave Maria University Gyrenes. Really? Wait…I’m gonna look that up…it’s a slang term for ‘Marine’. So…we have the university named for the mother of Jesus and the mascot is a Marine. Really?

Washburn University Ichabods. Really? I bet they don’t have a hard time recruiting athletes. Coach: “Wanna play for the Ichabods?” Recruit: Really?

Wabash College Little Giants. Really? Not only is the mascot an oxymoron, but everyone can see that ‘Little Giants’ is just a polite way to say…well…little person.

Northern Kentucky Norse. Really? An entire ethnicity of people from the North…the ones who discovered America and perhaps shared a campfire with the Redskins? Leif is offended.

Bethany_College_Terrible_Swedes_athletic_logoBethany College Terrible Swedes. Really? Here we go again with this ethnicity thing. If the Swedes get wind of this, they’ll rise up and protest and boycott. And, it’s not enough to be a Swede…they’re the Terrible Swedes. I guess it’s better than the Mean Swedes, which sounds like something they drank in Canterbury Tales.

Community Colleges of Spokane Sasquatches. Really? So, again, institutions of higher learning choose a mascot from a beef jerky commercial, because that’s the only evidence of one existing.

After all this, I’m thinking Redskin isn’t so bad.


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4 responses to “Really? (or, What’s with this mascot thing?)

  1. alan harrison

    I’ve always wondered what is a Blue Rader? My old Blue Tick hound is offended by the use of blue in this context. I think most Blue Birds are also.
    I could go on, but I won’t mention the Fighting Sioux, or the Horned Toads or the………..

  2. Jim Beaty

    Bro, you left out the UCal Berkley Banana Slugs. I’m not making this up…

  3. Leigh Ann Jones

    What about my brother’s alma mater… Delta State Fighting Okra. FEAR the OKRA!

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