Wednesday’s Gumbo: 7 People I’d Love to Meet

I’ve often thought about what it would be like to hang out with some – for lack of a better term – famous people.  You know, instead of reading about them, I’d like to meet them, hang out, and really “pick their brains.”  See what they’re like first-hand.

So, I’ve compiled a list of people who are no longer alive; yet, I’d cherish time spent with them.

Mickey_Mantle1.  Micky Mantle, Ted Williams, and Sandy Koufax. These guys would tell us what it takes to be that good.  They’d probably do it with one story after another.

2.  Wolfgang Mozart. He’d tell us about music.  Not just notes and rhythms, but the inner workingsW_a_mozart of that Muse that affects our emotions so much.  I’m sure he’d rail a bit on that Salieri guy, too!

martin_luther3.  Martin Luther. He’d tell us what it’s like to take a stand for a deep belief. Maybe, he would recount how he felt when he stood before the council when they asked him to renounce his writings and views.  I’m sure he would wrap it up at the local joint as we shared some bratwurst and such.

4.  Abraham Lincoln. He’d tell us how to handle adversity, and how to respond with wisdom and grace.Abraham-Lincoln-1280x1024-2-1

Pope-peter_pprubens5.  Simon Peter.  He’d be a regular guy, just like us, so this would be a good conversation.  He’d tell us about faith and belief and commitment.  And, he’d do it loud and in-your-face, maybe a bit harsh.  But, hey, that’s Peter.

6.  Joe Jackson.  As in, “shoeless.”  He’d tell us what it’s like to play a game because…well…you just love theShoelessJoeJackson game.  Nothing pretentious about him, either.  He’ll entertain us with colloquial verbiage and stories that would make us laugh.  All because it’s fun.

220px-Jonathan_Edwards_engraving7.  Jonathan Edwards.  He probably wouldn’t bother talking to us, because he just simply would rather read or write or study.  We’d have to press him hard to sit down and talk to us, but if he did, he’d tell us to look at creation and see the glory of God in it.  But, he’d also tell us that God is glorified in Christ…his obedience to death on the cross for our salvation.  Because of that, he’d say, we must have deep, deep affections in our faith, the kind of beliefs that are so deep and so believed that it spurs us on to actions…and worship.  And, he’d tell us that the only way we’ll be happy is if our joy is in glorifying God in Christ.  I think Jonathan would close by saying – and I paraphrase – “Take time off to relax, rest, and clear the mind.  And, through all of this, love your family deeply.”

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